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Wallpapered Shelves




Add a splash of personality to a lackluster work space by covering plain floating bookshelves with wallpaper. Measure the shelf, and cut the wallpaper slightly longer than shelf and wide enough to wrap around it with an overlap. Use wallpaper paste to affix the wallpaper to the shelf, pasting one side at a time. Cut slits into excess paper at ends, forming flaps; fold down, and affix with paste. Let dry completely, and hang shelves as usual.

Martha Stewart Living, February 2008



Reviews (14)

  • raspberryrosy 22 Sep, 2011

    If your shelves are fairly high up on the wall, you may want to paper the underside AND the top and edges, that way you'll have a pleasant sight when you are seated!

  • Sheryll 30 Oct, 2010

    The file boxes can be found at your local office supply store. And I used contact paper for my pantry shelves, just love the pattern too! I wanted to ask lindadarnell, how you kept the wallpaper paste from bleeding through the Nat Geo Maps?? And I found the clear spray paint yellows what it is sprayed on, like if you want to keep the paper from tearing and such?

  • gaylemae 19 Sep, 2010

    Pottery Barn has some lovely boxes like that

  • Ssnn 17 Sep, 2010

    To elizabeth:
    Google storage boxes and do some research or look at the container store or any big box store. Craft stores usually have container boxes as well. I found a family company/supplier of wonderful boxes by persistantly looking. Call anyone you find that's smaller and talk to them. That said, I also questioned the bare undershelves. I would just paint them but now I have a new use for my vintage wallpaper collection. Oh Boy!

  • elizabeth1234 17 Sep, 2010

    Does anyone know where to find the storage boxes?

  • SoniS 3 Nov, 2009

    I would cover the bottoms also. Would hate to have a pieced look with areas exposed on the bottom.

  • brutuses 6 Sep, 2009

    Should the ppaper be covered with some type of sealer so it lasts longer and repels any liquid? I'm speaking in terms of using it in a pantry, kitchen or bath.

  • craftycurious 8 Dec, 2008

    I've used this idea for years, but last year I found the stainsteel look contact paper I used for all my pantry shelves. Love it.

  • motherpug 8 Dec, 2008

    I've used the wallpaper idea for years for my pantry

  • beaglesrule 12 Jun, 2008

    Love your pegboard idea mjsgoodstuff. Might try it in my room-sized closet which has one whole wall of pegboard. Also might use wallpaper or decorative paper to make my bookshelves at work presentable...they're awful now.

  • goldenmanja 29 Feb, 2008

    thats make my store look new and colourful again..

  • mjsgoodstuff 29 Feb, 2008

    When I had my house built, I had a window put in what was to be a golfcart garage and made it a craft room. I have pegboard anywhere there is not cabinets. I used adhesive spray and pretty wrapping paper on the pegboard. I carefully poked all the holes thru. It made it functional but feminine.

  • mysparetimedesign 27 Feb, 2008

    What a neat idea, the wallpaper, and then your idea lindadarnell....i have some great maps and other postersized items that i've hung on to just i can put them to use where i can see them

  • lindadarnell 22 Jan, 2008

    I wallpapered one wall in my craft room with old National Geographic maps. I'm going to put standards and shelves on either side of the wall, and I will "wallpaper" the bookshelves with more maps. My husband had collected the maps 25 to 30 years ago. My granddaughter came over one day and noticed right away that some of the country's have changed. Hooray for her!!