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Cracking Eggs Tip

Martha Stewart Living, January

Crack eggs on the kitchen counter instead of on the rim of your bowl. If bits of shell break off, they won't fall into your food.

Comments (4)

  • virginiabound 19 May, 2008

    Ina Garten for years has said to break eggs into a smaller or other bowl to catch the occasional stray egg shell bit and to check for yolk integrity.

  • frogsandbutterflies 28 Jan, 2008

    Save your egg shells...they are great in the garden for fertilizer on your tomatoes. The shells add minerals to the soil and as a bonus they keep some of the pests away. Besides all these benefits it's great fun saving the shells and squashing them down once they dry...a type of kitchen stress relief. It will look like you had snow in your garden when you lay them down around the plants.

  • juliedml 13 Jan, 2008

    Since I started doing this (instead of on the edge of a bowl), the shell never crumbles and the break is cleaner.

  • mzspiff 15 Dec, 2007

    It's sometimes helpful to crack them into a smaller bowl first, that way if there's a blood spot on the egg, you don't have to try to fish it out of your ingredients. I find this happens moreso with farm fresh eggs, because of the rooster.