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Shivering Bats Shade

Your visitors will shudder when they spot a bat-lined lampshade amid your decor.




Some of the paper cutouts are suspended from threads, while others are stuck inside the shade.


  1. Step 1

    Photocopy template to desired size; cut out. Using a white wax pencil, trace shape onto black construction paper; cut out.

  2. Step 2

    To suspend bats, make a ring from 20-gauge brass wire that fits just inside top of shade, resting on the shade spokes; a translucent white paper lampshade works best.

  3. Step 3

    Take a piece of white thread to bat; tie other end to ring.

  4. Step 4

    Repeat, hanging bats at varying heights and taping others to lampshade.

Halloween 2007, Special Issue Holiday 2007



Reviews (7)

  • winnipegk 20 Oct, 2013

    These are super cute!! But am I missing something? Is there a template for the bats?

  • kresta 26 Jul, 2012

    So easy and super cute!

  • kresta 26 Jul, 2012

    So easy and super cute!

  • steena90 21 Oct, 2010

    just did this last night to my lampshade and it's fantastic. recommend varying by bending some of the wings back and taping the bat off-center to create different effects with the shadows.

  • ARay 23 Sep, 2010

    I'm actually more interested in the framed photo BEHIND the lamp. It has kind of an eery, other-worldly feel to it. Where could I find a print of something similar?

  • conanabanana02 8 Sep, 2010

    As tedious as it is to cut each of the little bats out, I had fun hanging them on my lampshade. They're a little detail that's simple and cute.

  • DenaSJ 10 Aug, 2008

    I put these little bats inside my chandlier over my dinning room table. Really cute. Everyone loved the little details at my Halloween party.