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Shoe-Bag Organizer

Organizing Good Things 2004

A canvas shoe bag is just right for keeping toys tidy and easy to reach in the car. This 16-pocket organizer was cut in half and hemmed at the bottom. A ribbon loop at the top is hung over the back of a front seat. Long ribbons stitched to the bottom corners reach around the seat back and tie in front. The pockets can hold cassette players and headphones, playing cards, coloring books and pens, a flashlight, and a few favorite friends.

Comments (6)

  • shoemaven 23 May, 2013

    This is a great idea. When my wife saw this article, she quickly went to a local handy store to look for a shoe bag organizers that she could convert to an organizer for the car, but most of the organizers that found were small until finally, she managed to find one at a plus-size store.

  • shoemaven 23 May, 2013

    There were a few of the shoe organizers to fit in large shoes
    which was perfect for what she was looking for. With the size of the pockets that are large enough to accommodate water bottles, it was just great for bulky items, too.

  • MeAndEmily 17 Feb, 2010

    I LOVE THIS IDEA! Just remember that if you are in an accident, loose items become projectiles. PLEASE KEEP ANY HEAVY ITEMS IN THE TRUNK! Just be mindfull of what your kids have (think about how hard they would hurt if thrown really hard). I was in a severe head-on collision this last summer and found out how hard items can hit from the back seat.

  • aingael_mama 24 May, 2008

    THIS IS THE GREATEST IDEA EVER!!! I have a one year old and we only travel in grandmas car so this would be PERFECT!!!

  • knitnack 13 May, 2008

    I have a small car so there really isn't enough room on the back of the seats for all the kids stuff, but I might make one for the front passenger seat so I can hand things to the kids easly and have my things like my cell phone and sunglasses at hand.

  • girlsgirlsgirlsgirls 1 Feb, 2008

    This is the best idea! I have 4 young girls and their stuff is always all over the floor in my car I did this last Saturday afternoon and this week there is nothing on my floor! We make a trip to see grandma once a week and its an hour with out stoping but we always have to stop to pick up droped items! This week we made it there in 1 hour and 5 min with NO stops!!