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Magazine Holders with Handles




Magazine holders are good for keeping old issues in order, but their handleless backs make it difficult to access them when you need to. For a permanent fix, position a sash lift on the back of a holder, and mark screw holes with a pen. With a hand drill, make two holes in holder to accommodate small bolts. Secure the lift to the holder with bolts and matching nuts.

Brass-hook sash lifts in polished nickel; $11 for 2; Rejuvenation; 888-401-1900 or

Martha Stewart Living, April 2008



Reviews (19)

  • PKG2012 4 Mar, 2012

    I have some bland magazine holders and saw on your site how easy it is to put colorful fabric on them, and am doing so. What a terrific idea. You rock!!

  • jozee 8 Oct, 2011

    Sometimes I thing Martha forgets that we're not all blessed as she is with money,or spaces & places to put things. I love quite a few of her ideas, but can't use a lot of them because I don't have areas etc. like she does..

  • SunsetCottageLady 15 Oct, 2010

    Magazine holder?? I keep photos in them until I have a chance to put them in one of the family albums...I keep histories for 3 branches of the family...I like the corrigated board ones(Miles Kimble or Lillie Vernon sets of primay colors $6 for 4) they don't have holes but a metal pull would not be cost effective.

  • SouthernSong 28 May, 2010

    I agree. I, too, was ready for the template.

  • texasmemo 20 May, 2010

    This idea was a disappointment. I thought it would be a template and instructions on making one from scratch. Debora

  • SMILETU 27 Feb, 2009

    Wish I had known of the color magazine holders, instead of the black ones. I did find another way to use these holders. I keep manila folders with extra Desert or Regular Recipes inside my black holder. Have a shelf for my cooks books and than excess recipes in this holder. Label RECIPES on side to identify it.

  • mabear54 11 Feb, 2009

    On a low budget, use can always use cereal boxes after the cereal is gone. Cover with colorful wallpaper when it's on sale. I did this long time ago. It worked really well.

  • sflorathiel 5 Oct, 2008

    I always have the lower side to the front for easy access. Didn't now I had them facing the wrong way. Also, isn't the [filtered word] in the thing for pulling towards you to lift too? $5.50 for each sounds a bit pricey just to lift a mag holder. In these financial crisis times I have to put that $11 to better use than this idea.

  • Encee 3 Oct, 2008

    Thank you for this idea! I have many things going on at once and do them all from one desk so this is really ideal for me! And of course labels an be put on the spines for easy access. Funny how you walk right by these things in the office supply and never think of using them! : )

  • vbrown 2 Oct, 2008

    They have a bunch of styles etc at IKEA

  • alamantia 2 Oct, 2008

    If you turn the boxes around with the low part facing you, you wouldn't need handles at all. You could just grab them from the low part.

  • PinkGranny 2 Oct, 2008

    Thanks for the tip on fiinding them at Michaels. Usually I just see one of a size or color...this way I can have them match and I will make them complement the ones I already have.

  • ijordan496 2 Oct, 2008

    Thanks for the info in where to get magazine holders, I have been looking everywhere and only found black or steel mesh. Never even imagined Michaels would have them.

  • finlander 2 Oct, 2008

    You can get the WOODEN magazine holders, unpainted, at any Michael's craft store for <$5. For that price you can buy a half dozen magazine holders, decoupage, paint or stain them to your hearts content to match your decor. You can even cover them in leftover wallpaper or fabric, embellish away!!

  • area 2 Oct, 2008

    Seriously? How much time do you have to have on your hands to make this worthwhile? Stick your finger in the [filtered word]. It doesn't take nearly as much time and effort as this.

  • kickypants 2 Oct, 2008

    I usually just stick my finger in the little [filtered word] and pull.

  • whitesnow 2 Oct, 2008

    Lee Valley Tools also carries a nice selection of classic handles with and without a space to put in a card or label.

  • vgstabile 2 Oct, 2008

    IKEA has wooden ones with label holders.

  • Allie from Albany 6 Sep, 2008

    I wonder where I could find the classic handles one finds on the back of magazine storage boxes. The ones where you can put a label on them.