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Halloween Hang-Ups

Floating, spinning, spooky visages will draw extra attention to a table of goodies.





  1. Step 1

    For each decoration, you'll need to accordion-fold 8 1/2-by-11-inch sheets of colored paper, making 1/2- or 3/4-inch folds. For small faces, accordion-fold 3 sheets of paper vertically, then bend each in half to make a fan. For medium, accordion-fold 6 sheets horizontally. For large, accordion-fold 11 sheets vertically.

  2. Step 2


    For small faces, cut 6 strips of paper equal to length of fan's fold and twice its width; fold in half lengthwise. Use a glue stick to attach strips to fans, and fans to one another, forming a circle. For larger faces, glue 1 edge of folded paper to next until you form a circle. Hot-glue center to secure.

  3. Step 3

    Print templates (pumpkin, cat, and owl, above), enlarging or reducing to desired size. Trace shapes onto colored paper twice; cut out. Attach shapes to each side of decoration with hot glue. Hole-punch top; hang using ribbon.

Martha Stewart Living, October 2008



Reviews (11)

  • olarson03 29 Oct, 2011

    This project was so easy! I made the large cat one and even made a large red devil one with red paper!

  • reginaG9 7 Oct, 2011

    I just made twenty two of the mid size pumpkin shapes for my sons kindergarten class to finish. I must say the folding took the longest! I've pre cut all of the face shapes so all the have to do is glue them on.I found the easiest way to get the shapes to hold together is use small bulldog clip to hold them together while drying.Also go ahead and add some hot glue to the center while the shapes are drying.This helps them hold the circular shape better and make them stronger! Loved doing this!

  • sookieismine 7 Sep, 2011

    Could someone plz tell me where i can get those bowls that the popcorn is in? And what are they called??? Thanks!!!

  • ndomer 29 Oct, 2010

    argh, meant acrylic paint!

  • ndomer 29 Oct, 2010

    Think I'm just gong to draw the faces onto cardstoock paper with acrylic glue... Just now finding the templates ad the part's on SUNDAY. Time flies! Great tidea. By the way, if you LOVE candles, visit my site!

  • MyKidsMake 17 Oct, 2010

    I made these with my kids this weekend. It took some work, but we had fun. The finished product is great and my kids are excited to see their pumpkin decorating the house! Take a look:

  • Gigi2000 16 Oct, 2010

    @tashakittie... Do not fold them. You overlap them length wise. I glued them into one long line and then fanned them into a circle. Once they were in a circle I glued the final seam and used paperclips to hold it in place while the glue dried.

    I made this out of 12x18 sheets of paper to make 3ft wide decorations for a gym. Love it! But I agree with Leslie the folding took the longest time and was the most difficult part. I wonder if it is because I had to use construction paper which is thic

  • tashakittie 15 Oct, 2010

    I love these, but I'm having trouble. I've created the small and medium sizes, but the large size stumps me. For the smaller ones, folding the fans in half creates a smooth, easy circle. For the large, I'm not sure if the fans are supposed to be folded in half, does anyone know? If not, how do you form the circle, without it looking messy?

  • Leslie_from_Modderhood 14 Oct, 2010

    This a simple and inexpensive project that results in a bang visually. I will say, however, that I was very surprised at how long it took me to fold 11 sheets and it was very difficult to fold them perfectly. Because of the amount of time it took, I ended up only making one and hanging it on my front door in place of a Halloween wreath. Thanks, Martha Stewart, for the idea!

  • NorbieK 18 Oct, 2008

    I love these J. Adler inspired decor. Soooo classy.

  • cgr1192 11 Oct, 2008

    I work at a Retirement Center