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Custom Doormat

Welcome guests -- and reassure them that they're ringing the right bell -- with a mat displaying your house number.




You can easily embellish an inexpensive doormat with hardware-store supplies to create an accent for your entrance that is both functional and decorative.



  • Coir doormat (18-by-30-inch coir mat, which is made from the stiff fibers of coconut husks)
  • Scissors
  • Masking tape in 3-inch and 3/4-inch widths
  • Address numbers
  • Card stock
  • Utility knife
  • Ruler
  • T pins
  • 12-ounce can
  • Enamel spray paint


  1. Step 1

    Create a border around its perimeter with 3-inch tape, positioning it 1 1/4 inches from edge. For a second border, affix 3/4-inch tape, leaving 1/2 inch between borders. Print out figures (ours are 650-point type), then photocopy onto card stock, and cut out with a utility knife; or choose 6-inch numbers from a hardware store. Use a ruler to center numbers; pin paper ones to mat.

  2. Step 2

    In a well-ventilated area, hold spray paint (in a contrasting color) 4 to 6 inches over mat and work in small circles; bring closer to paint edges of mat.

  3. Step 3

    Let dry at least 2 hours before removing tape and numbers.

Martha Stewart Living, September 2003



Reviews (6)

  • Rootbeer 4 Apr, 2010

    I don't see any directions for this project. Anyone else having this problem? I can probably figure it out, but it would be nice to have some guidance.

  • Cindylb 2 Apr, 2010

    The page for the custom doormat project will not display. I would love to see it if you can fix the page.
    thank you

  • JenNguyen 22 Mar, 2009

    I got my mat at Ikea a few months ago and finally got around to finishing this project today. I used white spray paint and made my own stencil by having my monogram photocopied on card stock at my local office supply store. Just be careful when cutting out the letters. Otherwise, it looks great!

  • myrnie_twin 8 Mar, 2009

    Ikea has door mats for very good prices. What a great project!

  • Christinel4950 8 Mar, 2009

    I've been wanting to do this, but can not find plain coir mats anywhere. They all have stuff on them. These would make great housewarming gifts! Does anyone have any tips of locating them for an inexpensive price? Bulk would be ok.

  • phoenics 13 Nov, 2007

    Wow - I just bought a condo and I was thinking of doing this exact same thing because there are no numbers near our doors (and the two doors are so close to one another, it's hard to figure out which is which unit). I think this is a much easier way of doing the stenciling than my idea (which involved cutting out the numbers and filling them in with paint). Cool!