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Car Organizer

Martha Stewart Living, August 2004

Store everything you need for the road in a small accordion-file folder, registration and insurance information, emergency contact numbers, maps, and directions (file them instead of having to rewrite them every time).

Comments (22)

  • Kelltx 6 Jun, 2010

    Adding an I.C.E. wallet card (be sure to include medical conditions, allergies,

  • kellyq_ma 2 Jun, 2010

    I use a notebook with plastic page protectors, and I have a section with each kids friends, scout leaders, coaches, music teacher, etc. phone numbers. Another section is dedicated to our favorite restaurant take-out menus.

  • SQue 31 May, 2010

    Add I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency) as a contact in your cell phone. Enter all the phone numbers to reach your emercency contact. First responders will check your cell phone for this information. I may forget my keys, but I will never leave the hose without my cell phone, even if it is just to walk the dog!

  • Mfosterjeweler 30 May, 2010

    Great idea- just make sure you take it with you and not leave in the car. Identity theft is pretty popular using insurance information. And Also HAVE AN I.C.E. Card- In Case Of Emergency Card w/allergies and blood type.

  • JMP878 30 May, 2010

    Dear Mykele - Yes, you need to carry your Medicare card, only when you need it, and only carry one credit card for emergencies. And, I agree with Pixiew, that you should never put anything of value in your car -- but we all do it! There is the old adage "When it sounds too goood to be true" -- Run!!!

  • msamandaskids 30 May, 2010

    Isn't that what the glove box/compartment is for? It keeps things organized and out of sight-why add more bulk with a file? And as far as your SS card-I've never needed the card (I memorized my #)
    now, I would use the accordian file for wipes, extra maps, paper,crayons/pens and small folding games or paper dolls for a long car trip with the kids!

  • mykele 30 May, 2010

    Everyone seems to forget that any of us with a medicare card always
    carries our social security number. Many of us carry that in our billfolds
    so protect your billfold that can hold so much information and now many
    of you want to carry automobile papers to boot. Enough already!!

  • I-am-PixieW 30 May, 2010

    Never keep anything of value or with personal ID info ANYWHERE in your car! Not even the trunk! Use the accordion file for coupons etc., but keep the Insurance card, registration, Easypass, and the like on your person. Keep backup copies in a file safe at home. You can't be too careful.

  • JMP878 30 May, 2010

    In this day of car jackings and identity theft, keep your registration and insurance cards on your person. For additional family drivers, make copies of the registration, and obtain additional cards from your insurance carrier. Also, if your Bur. of Motor Vehicles permits it, have your Soc. Security Number removed from your license and registrations. And, don't put your purse in the trunk once you get to a destination -- do it before leaving the house!

    Retired Cleveland, OH Detective

  • inafriesen 30 May, 2010

    In case your car gets stolen you will have all the handy info in your glove compartment. He will go to your home and clean you out of your vailuables. So keep this info hiden somewhere in the trunk of your car.

  • SMILETU 30 May, 2009

    Thanks for suggesting this organizational idea for my car paperwork.
    Plan on making one of these up after I finish a huge home project. Thanks

  • msoberma 28 May, 2009

    I also keep coupons and special offers from the mail in there so I'll have them when and where I need them!

  • linuxgrl 28 May, 2009

    My glove box looks so tidy now (my file fits perfectly in the glove box) :D I even put my oil change coupons in the file.

    FYI: my uncle is a CHP officer and I asked him about keeping a copy (instead of original) of my registration in the car (in case of theft) He says as long as the vin# is legible you are fine. OR keeping a copy in your home and the original in the car is a good idea too, either way you have a back up :D

  • barbara_moore 28 May, 2009

    It's really not a good idea to keep the registration in the car incase it is stolen.

  • michellecarver 28 May, 2009

    Most cell phones have excellent cameras built right in.

  • JudyPatoodie 28 May, 2009

    The idea of a portable camera is genius. I have one of these accordian files, but never thought of a camera. I'll implement that ASAP. Thanks for that great idea.

  • newyoricanpure 28 May, 2009

    I Love this Idea I also place a small portable Camera just in case of emergencies (car accident) or any other injuries. THIS IS A GREAT IDEA!!!

  • fosterpooh 28 May, 2009

    office supply stores carry them

  • karrib 28 May, 2009

    I found a similar accordian file at great for coupons, too!

  • dabneyhd 28 May, 2009

    does is anyone know where I can find one like this. Have not had much luck on the web.

  • pinanay 28 May, 2009

    great idea!

  • BOOTSANNE 28 May, 2009

    I also keep Take Out menus in the car so I can call ahead and pick up an order while still out - so this would be a great way to keep them organized! thanks!