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Half-Table Console

After forty years' hard service, this table had lost a leg and acquired a myriad of scratches and nicks. But half of it had a second life ahead as a graceful console. The best candidate for this project will be a table that's already split in the middle to accommodate a leaf.




If you don't have the perfect table, scour flea markets. Damaged or worn tables will cost drastically less than their pristine counterparts.


  1. Step 1

    Unscrew the extension mechanism from the bottom of the table. Remove the part of the table you won't be using.

  2. Step 2

    Sand the remaining part, then prime and paint it.

  3. Step 3

    Nail or screw a two-by-two-inch piece of wood to the wall at the height of the tabletop so that the edge of the table rests on the wood support.

  4. Step 4

    Screw through the top of the table to the wood support; fill the holes with wood filler, and paint over them.

Martha Stewart Living, March 2000



Reviews (14)

  • queenofcrafts19 29 Apr, 2010

    this is a good idea my husband did about 8 yrs ago in our kitchen my 13yr old son was five and my 18yr old daughter was 10 we had an akward kithen and needed a place for the kids to eat breakfast in the morning they didnt like eating in the dinning room alone so he had this idea to take this old table we had and split it apart so the kids would have a personal place of their on to sit an eat while i was in the kitchen

  • Carolisa 2 Apr, 2010

    What an excellent idea - I must do this myself!

  • Carolisa 2 Apr, 2010

    What an excellent idea - I must do this myself!

  • sdr19899 25 Aug, 2009

    Unless the other half is damaged, you could use that somewhere else. 2 for 1!

  • sharibarre 25 Aug, 2009

    Love it...reduce, reuse, recycle!

  • ch4ttycathy 25 Aug, 2009

    How about screwing it from underneath and avoiding the damage to the top?

  • hawaiianatheart 25 Aug, 2009

    Great idea! I've actually been looking for one of these but now maybe I'll look for a broken table and do-it-myself!!!! : )

  • fredalee 25 Aug, 2009

    One more comment. this may be obvious, but when measuing the height of your table, make sure you measure from the underside of the tabletop, since this is where it's going to rest on the wood attached to the wall.

  • kellyscreativecorner 25 Aug, 2009

    Love it!

  • chgreatdane 25 Aug, 2009

    Awesome idea!

  • BEARSJUSTB-CLAWS 25 Aug, 2009

    Fantastic idea. Endless possibilities too. Thank you.

  • MissMarple 23 Jan, 2009

    I like this very much, on several levels--good looking; recycles an old item; do-it-yourself project; space saving. This might work for me as a little dining table in my super tiny living room. Once again, thank you Martha!

  • JudyPatoodie 21 Jan, 2009

    I agree 100%.

  • NantucketRed 3 Oct, 2008

    Excellent. Particularly for small rooms that do need some sort of table but not full size. It is twice as good if one can use an old broken table that was once a loved piece and ready for the rubbish heap. Thanks, Martha