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Spread the Warmth

Martha Stewart Living, September 2008

Entertaining for groups is fun, but serving large numbers of guests means food starts to cool down before everyone digs in.

To keep dinner hot longer, borrow this restaurant trick: Preheat the plates.

Turn the oven to the "warm," or lowest, setting, and let plates (ovenproof ones only) heat up for 10 to 15 minutes before serving the meal.

Comments (10)

  • queenvwest 27 Mar, 2011

    Concerning the warming drawer question, I would think the instruction manual would be the best source of this answer. If you no longer have the paper copy, try looking it up online on the manufacturers website.

  • FrancesCT 26 Mar, 2011

    What temperature would I need to use with a warming drawer to do this?

  • cjone 22 Mar, 2011

    Another trick is to use the heating element of your dishwasher (dry cycle)

  • mykele 22 Mar, 2011

    A word of caution, never pur plates in the micro without some form
    of moisture such as a damp paper towel if no food is being cooked.
    You could risk damage to your microwave. Moisture please.

  • mykele 22 Mar, 2011

    I forgot, never put plates in the microwave oven without a damp paper towel.
    Microwaves should always have some form of moisture when in use.

  • mykele 22 Mar, 2011

    When I am zapping veggies in the microwave oven, I put the dinner plates
    underneath the veggie container.....result nice warm plates. I am a nut
    about hot food hot and cold food cold. Have always reheated the plates.

  • mrregal 22 Mar, 2011

    Another tip, I put my side plates in the fridge when I serve a salad course. And keep my plates in the freezer when serving a frozon dessert. ;-)

  • ksayre 22 Mar, 2011

    I always do this, If I'm not using my oven I warm them in the microwave. Make sure they are microwave safe first. I use FIesta ware, which are heavy ceramic and once warm retain heat for a long time. I also serve in them which keeps the food warm much longer

  • AndreaRobin 22 Mar, 2011

    I can't do that. No matter how many times I tell my hubby or kids that the plate is hot...someone burns a hand. LOL

  • RachelVSmith 22 Mar, 2011

    That's a great idea - hope I will remember to do it.