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Nesting Nut Bowl

Martha Stewart Living, July 2004

Now guests don't have to worry where to stash their pistachio shells -- they can put them right back in the nut bowl. Fill a large, shallow bowl with nuts, then place a smaller bowl in the center to collect discarded shells. Or use a chip-and-dip bowl. The same setup also works well for serving olives that have pits.

Comments (3)

  • crabbylady 25 Feb, 2011

    When you're having finger foods, you have the same risk whether it's shells, pits or not. The hands are always going into the dish, not just daintily and precisely picking a top nut or chip or washing their fingers before picking anything up. It's a risk when you open a door to anyplace with a bare hand. I choose not to be so paranoid with my invited guests.

  • geoferr 15 Oct, 2010

    I have to agree that this isn't very sanitary. I just make sure that I have a small bowl very near by the nut bowl, and I always make sure to start it off with some discarded shells or pits, so everyone knows what it is for.

  • antiquewoman 15 Oct, 2010

    Looks nice but not hygienic. When you think about how most people put the nut in their mouth to crack the shell and get to the pistachio inside....not a good idea. Putting a bowl in the center for discarded shells, it's very easy for them to fall back into the surrounding uneaten nuts and contaminate them with other people's germs. YUCK!!!!