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White Christmas: Christmas Morning




A Christmas tree dusted with snow looks even frostier when decorated exclusively in shades of silver, white, and cream. Simple paper-and-glitter ornaments mix well with vintage metallic pieces. Glitter ornaments are easy to make and can be saved from year to year.

When working with glitter, especially kinds made of ground glass, wear gloves and a dust mask to protect yourself from fine particles. Glass glitters are translucent, so they're especially sparkly. They are, however, also more expensive than other types.

Try a combination of glitters to achieve the effects you want:
1. Mica flakes
2. Clear plastic squares
3. Opaque white
4. Powder white
5. Diamond dust
6. Powder silver
7. Coarse crystal glass
8. Silver glass
9. Fine crystal glass

Martha Stewart Living, December 2000



Reviews (17)

  • mslo_michelle 4 Dec, 2008

    This tree was fully decorated and then taken outside and sprayed all over with spray snow (any brand will do, but be sure to buy spray snow and not spray frost). Once back indoors, it was sprinkled here-and-there with artificial snow (available by the bag at Christmas or crafts stores). Once your tree is decorated and in place, you can vacuum up any fallen snow.

  • JAMWILL 20 Oct, 2008

    once I got the ornaments the right size the rest was easy just make sure to use the lightest glitter first and then use detail brush to put on detail glitter use Marthas glitter glue it is the best, I also used her silver glittered letters to spell out names on the dove and bear , put these on last and use her glue pen to get them to stick

  • HarborCon 11 Dec, 2007

    My mother did this only once, back in the mid-50's, but it was spectacular. You must put on all the lights and ornaments first, then whip Ivory Snow or Ivory Flakes (do they even still make that stuff?) into soft peaks. Mother then took a big cooking spoon and, very carefully, loaded each and every branch , and its "shoots" with "snow." It took forever, but was the one tree I remember most in my youth. This works only on trees with generously spaced branches (spruce, fir, etc.).

  • PhyllisJ 10 Dec, 2007

    I think she is talking about the ornament made with glitter. You can find the instruction on the the site under glitter ornaments. Just thinned glue and glitter. Check the web site

  • judylp 7 Dec, 2007

    The use of this feature on this website escapes me if we aren't given the instructions on how to do the project.

  • penelope 7 Dec, 2007

    Will someone please tell me/us how you did the Ivory Snow thing?

  • aimee43 7 Dec, 2007

    Here's a link I found for artificial snow on tress. Haven't tried it yet, if someone does, plz post results.

  • deerussell 7 Dec, 2007

    We used to also use Ivory Flakes and whip in the old mixmaster! What fun it was to ice the tree, and beautiful. It also helped the tree to stay fresh. It was especially pretty with blue lights and blue ornaments! You still could see green, so it was like fresh snow!

  • hollygallager 7 Dec, 2007

    What technique would prevent the glitter from making a HUGE mess all over the floor?

  • Quiltingkim 7 Dec, 2007

    Before Martha... we use to make a paste of Ivory Snow soap flakes and spread it on the branches.

  • michelefoo 7 Dec, 2007

    Heidielizabeth, how did you do it? What did you use?

  • Chayrl 6 Dec, 2007

    has anyone gotten an answer to the how question?

  • wduke2 6 Dec, 2007

    What is the snow on the tree and how do you get it to stick?

  • PinkPoodle227 6 Dec, 2007

    As a new Contributor, I'm requesting the key ingredient to this snow flakes tree, what are you using as the flakes? Surely not glitter?? Please advise -

  • melindalou 6 Dec, 2007

    I know, I wish this area would give instructions on how to do the idea that is presented. (ie-how did they get this tree to look like this?)

  • susanrushton 6 Dec, 2007

    what is sprinkled on the tree? Glitter??

  • heidielizabeth 17 Nov, 2007

    I have done this and it is so wonderful and very pretty.