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Minty Chip Sea Turtle

Martha Stewart Kids, Volume 18 2005

Scoops of mint-chocolate-chip ice cream form the shell. Peeking out through white candy eyes (painted with chocolate dots) and flashing a black-licorice grin, this is one turtle that is not too shy to come to the party.

Sea Turtle How-To
1. Scoop out 2 1/2 quarts (about 35 scoops) of mint-chocolate-chip ice cream, place onto a rimmed baking sheet with plastic wrap stretched across it; refreeze (45 minutes). Line 12-cup bowl with plastic wrap; freeze briefly, then fill with scoops of ice cream, rounded side down, to extend beyond rim (fill in gaps with extra).


2. Place vanilla bowl cake over ice cream, then spread 1 quart softened ice cream on top. Cover with plastic and refreeze (at least 4 hours), then unmold.

3. Cut a niche in turtle shell with ice-cream scoop. Nestle larger scoop of chocolate ice cream into niche for the head. Tuck four chocolate-mint wafers under the cake for feet.

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