Birth Announcements

Birth Announcements

Source: Martha Stewart Kids, Volume 19 2005


Give eagerly waiting friends and loved ones a glimpse of your new arrival along with all the traditional details -- the baby's name, birth date and time, weight, and length -- by turning snapshots into playful announcements. Use a photo with a simple background and try snapping a picture when your baby is happy and alert -- perhaps just after a feeding or as the baby is settling into a nap.

To design the cards, scan or upload the image onto your computer, then print. Ideally, announcements are mailed within a month of a baby's birth. Even if it takes a little longer, the baby's adorable face is sure to be a welcome sight.

Sweet Tee
Dress your baby in a tiny T-shirt to proclaim the debut. Use iron-on transfer paper compatible with your printer (available at office-supply stores). Type the details into a computer; follow package directions for printing and transferring onto clothing. Print the photo onto card stock, and cut out.

Twin Tabulation
A side-by-side chart compares twins' measurements and arrival times. Photograph each baby separately on a jumbo sheet of graph paper. Use your computer's graphics software to position the images and to add type and lines (we drew a pink border for the girl and a blue one for the boy). Print design onto 4-by-6-inch postcards.

Special Delivery
Let everyone know your bundle of joy has arrived. Photograph your baby on a brown blanket or a sheet of textured kraft paper. Print onto note cards; stamp each one with a pre-inked "Received" stamp (from an office-supply store) set to your baby's date of birth. This one has a line where the parents can add their names.

Making Faces
Does he have Mom's eyes or Dad's smile? You do the math. Cut out photos, and glue to card stock; you'll need two sets since two announcements will fit on an 8 1/2-by-11-inch sheet of card stock. With rubber stamps, make symbols between the faces (or handwrite them). Use a color copier or scanner to make multiples. Additional information can be printed on the back. We trimmed ours to fit in a No. 10 envelope.

Family Business
Colleagues will wish they could file this card under "C" for cute. Use graphics software to add text to your photo. Print image onto sheets of perforated business cards for ink-jet printers. Then attach to a rotary file card.



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