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No-Sew Costume: Raven Bird Costume

A bib, a bustle, a beak, and thou: Wearing this plumed raven costume, you'll be poised to swoop all night.




Use our templates to make an easy no-sew raven costume for your next Halloween party. 


  • Black felt
  • Hot glue
  • Grosgain ribbon
  • Coq feathers
  • Black satin ribbon
  • Heavy black tulle
  • Stapler
  • Safety pin
  • Velour paper
  • Construction paper
  • Hole punch
  • Black eyelets (optional)
  • Black shoestring elastic
  • Feather and felt raven costume template


  1. Step 1

    Cut bib from black felt; notch neck. Hot-glue 16-inch length of 5/8-inch-wide grosgrain ribbon onto inside of bib neck, spreading notches so they stand up, creating a turtleneck; trim ribbon ends. Hotglue feather trim around outside of bib at neck, feather ends upward, interspersing 10 coq feathers from which bottom feathers have been stripped. Hot-glue feather patches to front of bib to cover, working up from bottom. Hot-glue 5/8-inch-wide black satin ribbon at neck to cover edges of feathers; leave ribbon ends long for ties.

  2. Step 2

    Use 2 yards of 54-inch-wide heavy black tulle. Pleat and staple each edge to desired width of bustle, about 8 inches. Fold in half, bringing stapled edges together to make puff; staple. To make 4 tucks in puff: Grasp fold along unstapled edge, pull it inside puff to meet stapled edge, and staple again. Repeat at two points across puff and opposite edge. Cut bustle top from black felt. Hot-glue coq feathers to lower corners and center point, and to sides at horizontal fold. Hot-glue feather patches to cover bustle top below horizontal fold. To underside of felt above horizontal fold, hot-glue stapled edge of tulle puff. Dab ends of 10 to 15 stripped coq feathers with hot glue; stick into tulle through holes. Fold bustle top at horizontal fold; safety-pin to clothing just below waist, feather side up; safety pins and staples in tulle should be hidden under felt.

  3. Step 3

    Cut 5/8-inch-wide black grosgrain ribbon to wrist measurement; hot-glue ends of coq feathers to ribbon, interspersing with stripped coq feathers. Center 18 inches of 5/8-inch-wide black satin ribbon on cuff, covering ends of feathers; hot-glue. Wrap satin ends around wrist twice and tie.

  4. Step 4

    Cut out of velour paper; back with construction paper. Score center; fold. Punch holes; attach black eyelets at holes (optional). Cut black shoestring elastic to length required to hold beak mask, and thread through holes. Knot inside. Bend beak at tuck line.

Halloween 2000, Fall 2000



Reviews (3)

  • Marabethp 25 Oct, 2010

    Bustle: I didn't want to safety pin in to my clothes, but I had a skirt with buttons on the front at the hip bones, I attached some shoestring elastic to the bustle so I could hook it on the buttons. Makes it easy to take off for driving, sitting, etc.

  • Marabethp 25 Oct, 2010

    I couldn't find feathers or feather patches locally, so I ordered 2 ozs of 4-6 inch black coque feathers online. This was the perfect amount. I just stripped some myself (google it, you'll find out how). Basically, you just cover the felt bib and bustle with feathers, so if you don't have patches it just takes a little longer to glue down individual feathers. Also, these photos look like the used longer feathers for some things, that's not necessary. I got black glitter tulle too - looks great!

  • kateoftheerins 16 Sep, 2008

    I made this one year, start buying your black feathers early, and if you are going to a party, it is hard to sit down, other than that awesome, and easy.