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Popcorn Christmas Decorations

Martha Stewart Living, December 2007

Use our recipe for Popcorn Balls with Golden Raisins to create the ornaments.

Popcorn Balls Ornament How-To
Cut 8- to 9-inch lengths of thin, decorative ribbons. Form ribbons into loops, and knot at ends. Shape your popcorn balls around the knotted ends, covering 1 to 2 inches of the ribbon. Transfer to parchment to cool, and then hang.

3/16-inch woven ombre ribbons in Brick-Ladybug and Brick-Moonstone, $2.99 for 8 yards, by Martha Stewart Crafts, from Michaels, 800-642-4235

Popcorn Garland How-To
String together day-old popcorn (it's easier to work with than fresh), dried cranberries, and golden raisins with a needle and thread.

For more Christmas tree decorating ideas, see our article Christmas Traditions: A Day at the Tree Farm.

Comments (8)

  • DOtanoQA 2 Apr, 2014

    This was a really awesome article even when reading in April.

  • LindseyMarieH 20 Jan, 2011

    For colored popcorn garland Kernel Coladas Gourmet Popcorn makes red, green, and a handful of other colors of popcorn. The best part is each color has its own unique flavor too, so what doesn't go on the tree can be devoured by your family!

  • Islandlulu 18 Nov, 2008

    Raisins are probably not a good idea for families with dogs because they can be poisonis to if too many are ingested.. either try not to use raisins or just keep them higher on the tree so they are not at a reachable height.

  • BOBBIJEM 15 Dec, 2007

    Another good idea for them is to leave them natural and hang out for the birds/squirrels on boxing day.

  • CeeCeeB 2 Dec, 2007

    Beautiful tree, perfect for our family room, but those darn balls keep falling off our tree. We were very careful about the temperature of the sugar syrup, but they just keep slipping off the ribbon. Any thoughts on the best fix?

  • Martik 30 Nov, 2007

    THANK YOU!!!! I'll give it a try

  • DianneEdwards 29 Nov, 2007

    After making your garland, lightly spray it with Verithane or another clear spray. It will preserve the garland for several years....if carefully wrapped.

  • Martik 27 Nov, 2007

    I live in Florida and ants can be a big issue here. I want to do these popcorn decoration this year however I am afraid it will attract ants, since it is food! Is there anithing I can do prevent it?