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Monogrammed Velvet Ribbon




  • Iron
  • Rubber stamps (Tip: Stamps that have intricate patterns or are too shallow will produce less-than-perfect results).
  • Velvet ribbon (Tip: Ribbon needs to wide enough to accommodate the stamps. Silk ribbons and silk-rayon blends work best).


  1. Step 1

    Cut a ribbon to desired length; to create a monogrammed ribbon for a photo album, cut the ribbon the length of front and back covers, plus binding, and 2 extra inches (the extra ribbon on ends will wrap around inside covers). Use a fabric pen on the reverse side of the ribbon to mark stamp placement.

  2. Step 2

    With the steam function off, preheat the iron to the cotton or wool setting. Place the rubber stamp, relief side up, on a sturdy, heatproof surface. Place the ribbon, pile side down, over the stamp. Using the portion of the iron's soleplate that has no steam holes, press down evenly on the ribbon, covering the stamp.

  3. Step 3

    Hold the iron in place without moving for 10 to 30 seconds. Then lift the iron straight up off the ribbon. (If the ribbon sticks to the iron, the heat setting may be too high or the velvet used may contain heat-sensitive synthetics.)

  4. Step 4

    Gently remove the ribbon from the stamp, and check whether the image is clear. Let ribbon cool.

  5. Step 5

    To attach the ribbon to a photo album, carefully apply a low-moisture paste-style glue, such as Yes Paste, to inside front cover, and secure ribbon end. Let dry 5 minutes. Then wrap ribbon around album, and glue other end inside back cover.

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Reviews (11)

  • cooksa 3 Feb, 2011

    Can you also use the clear stamps that use the acrylic block?

  • joanicla 29 Jan, 2011

    Thank you TigerLily! Great explanation even if it is still a little hard to wrap my head a round!!! I just need to do it!

  • lbuser 26 Jan, 2011

    Poupon - for some reason, this does not melt or even effect the rubber stamps. Also, most velvets seem to work fine. Just use velvet that does not feel like paper and try it out first. You may want to put an ironing cloth or something thin between the velvet and the iron when you test it. If you can't find ribbon, velvet yardage works great, cut the strip wide enough to turn the long edges under after you are done and before you glue to the book.

  • RCanuck 26 Jan, 2011

    Here's a video - different project but similar technique

  • Poupon 26 Jan, 2011

    Mrs. Carol, by pile, they mean the fuzzy side.

    Interesting that they recommend silk and silk blend ribbons. It's not easy to find them! Most ribbons are polyester, or perhaps rayon and poly. Synthetics melt, so I would think they'd work better, but perhaps the surrounding pilemelts too?

    I'm also concerned about using this on a rubber stamp. I wonder if it damages rubber, and if silicon stamps might work differently (better?).

    One of her nicer projects, but it might take some experimenting.

  • MrsCarolMB 26 Jan, 2011

    I love this idea! But is there a how-to video or photo/s of this process? I'm not sure what "pile side" means or what side the iron should press down onto the ribbon... It's hard for me to visualize. Seeing the actual process would help a lot!

  • TigerLily817 26 Jan, 2011

    joanicla - not a stupid question! Once I thought about it, I realized that having the stamp relief-side up and the ribbon pile-side down is just like having the ribbon laying on the table and stamping something onto it the normal way. Just remember, if you are doing a name or word of some sort, that you will start on what looks like the right edge of the ribbon when you are actually pressing the ribbon onto the stamp; it's really the left edge of the ribbon pile-side up. HTH!

  • joanicla 26 Jan, 2011

    I am new to this and know this is probably a stupid question but do you have to have the stamp backwards so when you turn the ribbon over it is correct?

  • ribbonsfun 17 Apr, 2010

    this is a great project, I found a good source of ribbons to do lots of these at

    <a href="">Renaissance Ribbons</a>

  • maggiesmom33 9 Dec, 2008

    I have tried this but have not had the right ribbon... I'd love to be contacted with the brand of ribbon used so I can complete this project as a Christmas gift. ; ) Thank you!

  • maggiesmom33 1 Nov, 2008

    I'd love to know if that ribbon came with the silver trim or if that was added on. I would also love to know who makes the ribbon and trim. This is so beautiful and I would like to do that for a project I am working on ...