Matzo House

This matzo house makes a wonderful addition to any Seder table.

Source: The Martha Stewart Show, April 2008


  • 6-by-6-by-6-inch cube cardboard box

  • Scissors or utility knife

  • Tape

  • Matzo

  • Melted chocolate

  • Kosher foods (for decoration)


  1. Begin by folding the cardboard box into the form of a house: Trim 2 of the top flaps into triangles and tape the 2 uncut flaps onto it along the cut angles to create a support for the pitched roof.

  2. Squeeze melted chocolate onto form.

    Tip: Keep melted chocolate liquefied by resting a container of it in warm water.

  3. Attach pieces of matzo to chocolate-covered house form.

  4. Decorate the matzo house with kosher food items of your choice, using the melted chocolate to attach the decorations to the house.


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