Cheryl's Top Tips For Taking Great Photos

The Martha Stewart Show, July 2008

1. Take vertical and horizontal shots. This gives you more options for displaying the photos.

2. You don't always have To center your subject. Your subject doesn't always have to be perfectly centered. In fact, you may be surprised that you like it better off centered.

3. To capture a silhouette, shoot into the light. The light doesn't always have to be behind you, you can get a totally different picture by shooting into the light.

4. Shoot at same location more than once. Try shooting at the same location at different times of year - it's so beautiful to see how different the same scene can look. It's also great to go shooting at different times of the day.

5. Always carry your camera with you.

More Crafts
Use these tips when you make any of the crafts featured in January 2008 issue of Martha Stewart Living.

Special Thanks
Special thanks to Martha's housekeeper in Maine, Cheryl DuLong of Sew Long Designs, for sharing these helpful photography tips.


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