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Mistletoe: Mistletoe Wreath How-To




  1. Step 1

    Stretch a round 12-inch double-wreath form into an oval shape.

  2. Step 2

    Using 24-gauge floral wire, wrap 3-inch mistletoe tips in small bunches of threes and fours. Repeat with 4- and 5-inch mistletoe tips.

  3. Step 3


    Starting at the top of the wreath, secure smaller bunches, adding 4-inch, and then 5-inch, bunches as you work toward the bottom of the form.

  4. Step 4

    To make berry clusters, cut about twenty-two 6-inch pieces of 28-gauge wire. String three beads onto each wire, and twist the ends of the wire. As you attach mistletoe to the form, wire in a berry cluster after every few bunches.

Martha Stewart Living, December 2001



Reviews (2)

  • Susan Magnani 3 Dec, 2013

    Thank you, Martha. I made a wreath after ordering Bulk Mistletoe on line. The wreath is Beautiful. Kisses to follow!

  • Cheyenne1012 24 Feb, 2013

    Be very careful making this if you have pets. Real Mistletoe is deadly to cats! I am not sure how dangerous it is for other pets, Having said that, this is a beautiful wreath and pretty easy to make. The beaded berries really make it stand out. Absolutely everyone that visited commented on how pretty it was! Just be sure to keep it somewhere your cats cannot get to it :)