Orchids 101

The Martha Stewart Show, March 2008

Orchids are one of the world's most revered plants. Their exquisite beauty and fragrance makes them truly mesmerizing and seductive.

These plants, also called butterfly orchids, started the orchid craze in Victorian England.

Dendrochilum is an unusual and easy-to-grow orchid. It is a very unorchid-looking orchid with nearly a thousand flowers on the plants.

There are two or three unusual Dendrobium species full of color, and one with flowers that can last up to nine months. Dendrobium, a plant that was rescued as a result of the New York Botanical Gardens CITES Plant Rescue Center, is a feature of the Orchid Show this year.

Jewel Orchid
This beautiful orchid is grown for its interesting and spectacular foliage.

The classic orchid -- full of color and fragrance -- is enjoying a surge in popularity again.

The pansy orchid: wonderfully fragrant flowers with great patterns that resemble -- what else? -- pansies.

Special Thanks
Special thanks to Marc Hachadourian, the New York Botanical Garden's curator of glasshouse collections and the curator of the Orchid Show. The 2008 orchid show is the sixth annual orchid show at the New York Botanical Gardens -- it opened at the end of February and will run through April 6. After the New York Botanical Gardens fall blockbuster exhibition of Japanese chrysanthemums, it is the perfect start for their 2008 exhibition season. There are 8,000 plants in the gardens' permanent orchid collection.


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