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Outdoor Lighting: Stars

Bring a bit of the heavens down to snowy earth with stars fashioned from ordinary garden stakes.




To determine how many feet of lights you will need, first decide the size and number of stars you would like to make, and then add the lengths of each of the stakes required.

For more ideas and installation tips, see Nights All Aglow.


  • 5 bamboo garden stakes of equal length for each star (cut to size with hand pruner; we trimmed ours to 2, 3, 5, 7 feet)
  • Small and large white zip ties
  • 100-bulb strands of white wire lights
  • 1 1/2- inch finishing nails or brads
  • Blackout caps


  1. Step 1


    To make 1 star: On a flat surface, arrange stakes in a 5-pointed star. Using small zip ties, secure the inner 5 points, and then secure the outer 5 points, top. Use a large zip tie to secure each of the outer points. Trim tie ends.

  2. Step 2


    Secure plug end of strand to 1 point of the star with small zip tie. Drape strand along the length of stake, and then pass it between the 2 stakes crossed at end. Repeat along the adjacent stake. Drape strand along every stake of star. Secure with small zip ties, and trim tie ends. Repeat to make more stars if desired. (Add more strands as needed to connect stars to one another.)

  3. Step 3

    Secure each star to a wooden building with 3 or more 1 1/2-inch finishing nails or brads. Use blackout caps to conceal the lights between each star.

Martha Stewart Living, December 2007



Reviews (9)

  • gmcknight 4 Dec, 2011

    Made these several years ago (had to restring with new lights this year), but they're still serving us great and look so good, especially on rustic buildings. The black electrical tape is a fine substitution for black out caps.

  • hayleeshotmom 2 Dec, 2008

    What a cute

  • nanscrafts 28 Dec, 2007

    I made these for our front yard using dowels from HomeDepot and zip ties. They look so much better than the blow up junk on my neighbors lawns! Next year I plan to make more to hang in the trees.

  • oakleydog 7 Dec, 2007

    I made some of these and used black elecrical tape to hide the lights. Worked good.

  • P_Garza 7 Dec, 2007

    According to this website (which describes the black out caps product): You can find them at HobbyLobby, Michaels, RiteAid, KMart etc. see this link for more retailers:

  • RhondaKPM 7 Dec, 2007

    another one wondering where to find some of the supplies for these crafts. The stars look great and within my skill level....but where oh where do you find black out caps??

  • abslt21 7 Dec, 2007

    Where can you find the black out caps?

  • abslt21 7 Dec, 2007

    Where can you find the black out caps?

  • all4romance 30 Nov, 2007

    This is a great and inexpensive family project! We made two in about an hour and they were the perfect finishing touch to our holiday decorations!