Pinecone Frame

Martha Stewart Living Television

Actress Lorraine Bracco likes to relax by making crafts projects like this pinecone picture frame. Because the process is somewhat time-consuming, have a friend join you -- it will provide an ideal time to catch up.

Tools and Materials
Wide, flat-faced picture frame
D-rings, for hanging (optional)
Foam brush
Craft glue
Small pinecones
Clear acrylic spray
Wire, for hanging
Adhesive-backed Velcro (optional)
Ribbon, for hanging (optional)

Pinecone Frame How-To
1. Remove glass and back of frame. Mount D-rings onto the top edge of the frame's backside, if desired.

2. Using a foam brush, apply a small amount of craft glue to the face of the frame, and affix pinecones; arrange them in neat rows, or group them randomly. The glue dries quickly, so work in small sections.

3. Allow the glue to dry overnight. In a well-ventilated room, spray the frame with clear acrylic spray to protect and strengthen the pinecones.

4. Replace glass, insert picture, and replace back of frame. Attach wire to D-rings or hardware on back of frame, and hang picture.

5. Add holiday flair to your frame with a festive ribbon. Cut a piece of ribbon to the desired length. Attach adhesive-backed Velcro to the back of the frame. The ribbon is purely decorative; the picture will still be hung from the wire.


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