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Rustic Retreat Crafts: Stenciled Latte Bowls




We used an image of a horse as our stencil, but you can use any design that captures your attention. The project will be easier if you pick an image that doesn't have a lot of intricate detail; you may want to consult a stencil book.


Low-tack Frisket Film, Pearl Paint, 800-451-7327 or; Asian footed bowls in Milk, Potluck Studios, 800-442-8157 or

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  • Image to use as a stencil
  • Thin sheet of vinyl or plastic (preferably self-adhesive)
  • Craft knife
  • Large ceramic latte bowls
  • Porcelain or ceramic paint


  1. Step 1

    Place the photocopied page on the vinyl sheet. Using the craft knife, carefully cut around the image, creating a stencil; discard the cutout.

  2. Step 2

    Tape or adhere the stencil to a bowl, and then paint inside the stencil. (It may take a few coats to cover the surface completely.) Repeat with remaining bowls.

  3. Step 3

    Fire bowls in an oven according to the directions on the paint packaging.

Martha Stewart Living, July 2007



Reviews (9)

  • karenbird 7 Aug, 2011

    oops - just realized upon closer inspection, that the image is a horse, not a dog! ha, ha! I still like it.

  • karenbird 7 Aug, 2011

    love the 'running dog' image on the latte bowls and wish they'd made this a download-able PDF. Does anyone know if it came from any image company?

  • hAndimom 3 Sep, 2010

    This is a cool idea, but where will I find a lumberyard in South Florida that carries "birch" logs?!?! I'll guess I'll just have to improvise...

  • portermk 3 Sep, 2010

    my husband has made a set of "log slice" stands for my cupcake business, which are similar. His secret: he inserted dowels into 5-7 inch diameter bases and then drilled holes into the bottoms of each platform to accept the dowels. The wider the base the taller you can go. By the way-- he planed the log slices first and applied a non-toxic, food safe sealer to everything.

  • lbuser 3 Sep, 2010

    This is really pretty and rustic. However, around my house this would need a base to anchor the bottom of the branch. I guess that is how I would personalize this project. Looks simple enough to make a few for different foods or for gifts.

  • Dianne91 5 Jun, 2010


  • omniregina 29 Jun, 2009

    This would be lovely for an outdoor fairy party. If there were several different sizes of stands on the table, it would look like a fairy land.

  • carabau 28 Jun, 2009

    I'd prefer to use this idea as a stand for small plants.

  • Anna_Marie 28 Jun, 2009

    mmmm....not so much....