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Map Textile Stretched Canvas




Use a portion of a tablecloth or a dish towel for this project. Both are sturdy enough to stretch across a frame.


  • Tablecloth or dish towel
  • Wooden stretching frame (at least 3 inches smaller than fabric)
  • Staple gun


  1. Step 1

    Spread fabric facedown on a clean, flat surface. Position frame in center, allowing at least 1 1/2 inches of excess fabric on each side for gripping and stretching.

  2. Step 2

    Stretch fabric: The key to stretching fabric is to work in small sections from the middle of each side of the frame, and in opposite directions. Starting in the middle of any side of the frame, staple fabric to back of stretcher. (Put in about 3 staples, about 2 inches apart.) Move to opposite side, pull fabric taut, and staple in the middle as well. Repeat with the other 2 sides.

  3. Step 3

    Starting on any side, working a couple of inches from your original staples, staple fabric to frame. Pull as tight as you can (an extra pair of hands or a pair of canvas pliers is useful). Repeat on an adjacent side. Continue until all edges are stapled. If you're stretching a very large piece of fabric, don't staple all the way to the corner at once; you'll get better tension by stapling and stretching in sections.

  4. Step 4

    When you reach corners, fold edges of fabric neatly and staple. If fabric needs a little tightening, tap in the frame keys. But don't rely on these; if fabric is very loose, remove staples and start over.

Martha Stewart Living, July 2010



Reviews (4)

  • grammame 21 Aug, 2010

    If you ladies will go to 'other great ideas' you will find the instructions for the roller shade. I was a little frustrated too, until I scrolled down to see what else they had to offer. Hope this info helps.

  • nikai 21 Aug, 2010

    It doesn't become a roller shade. I think someone made and error on Martha Stewart.Com. She'll probably fire them now.

  • sactom 21 Aug, 2010

    How does a stretched frame become a roller shade?

  • nanafor10 3 Jul, 2010

    You can find some of the tableloths, towel, handkerchiefs here: