Woven Ribbon Wrap

Here's our idea of thinking outside the box: interweaving ribbons to dress up a gift.

Woven Ribbon Wrap

Source: Martha Stewart Living, Volume 75 December/January 1999/2000


  • Ribbons of various colors and widths

  • Wrapped package or box


  1. The weaving begins with a single ribbon stretched across the top of the package, its loose ends fixed to the bottom with double-sided tape.

  2. Continue adding a few more ribbons, parallel to the first. Alternate colors, widths, and textures as you wish, but try to keep your design fairly simple so that it does not become too busy.

  3. Next, interweave another set of ribbons perpendicular to the first. Follow the rhythm of over-under-over for one, then under-over-under for its neighbor, and so on.


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