Fishing Party Decorations

Fishing Party Decorations

Source: Martha Stewart Living Television


A fishing-themed party that includes the decorations shown here, gummy-worm invitations, favors, a wooden-fish painting project, and a fish-shaped chocolate cake studded with candy wafers is sure to make a big splash.

Extend the fishing-party theme to your table setting by covering the main table with green kraft paper, which protects the tabletop while the guests are eating and working on projects. After the paper is laid out over the table, some fish netting can help create a seaside look. Party netting is available from party-supply stores, but fish-tackle shops sell a sturdier, if slightly more expensive, netting that can be reused.

To make fish-shaped streamers, create a template in the shape of a fish and trace it on folded crepe paper, with the head and tail of the fish ending at the folds on either side. Cut out the fish, making sure to leave some of the fold connected, and punch out a hole for the eye. The streamers can be laid across the table or hung from the ceiling or on a wall.

Place mats can be created on fish-patterned wrapping paper by tracing around another, larger fish-shaped template, and paper plates, cups, and napkins can all be made to match by using the fishhook stamp used on the invitations. Use the same fish image from the invitations as name tags. Fishbowls filled with gummy worms, gummy fish, or fish-shaped crackers can be set out on the tabletop, and bare walls or empty corners are good spots to place fishing tackle, fishing poles, and other similar objects. Last but not least, fill a fishing-tackle box with assorted candies and use it as a centerpiece.



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