Ticking Beach Chair How-To

When the fabric seat of a favorite old beach chair begins to tatter, fray, or fade, custom-make a new one out of durable, washable ticking.

First, determine what size the seat should be. Measure the width of the chair at its narrowest point, and add 2 inches for the side hems. Next, measure the length between the top rail and the bottom. Double the length, adding 9 inches for the hems and an additional 11 inches so that the seat will drape.

You can hem the edges with no sewing by using Steam-a-Seam, a permanent, washable fusing material available in several widths. Using an iron, press 1/2 inch on each side edge. Apply the Steam-a-Seam to the top of the pressed edge, and peel off the paper backing. Turn under another 1/2 inch, and iron for 10 to 15 seconds. For the top and bottom ends, 4-inch-wide hems (larger if necessary to accommodate the dowels at the chair's top and bottom). Press under 1/2 inch on each edge, and apply a 6-inch and 2-inch strip of Steam-a-Seam to the appropriate edges, spanning the width of the fabric. Peel off the paper backing, fold over the hem, and press with an iron for 10 to 15 seconds.

Slide the old seat off, and replace with the new one; ensure that the dowels are set firmly back in place before using the chair.

Do You Know?
Ticking is a washable durable fabric originally used as a cover for feather mattresses and pillows or as lining for suitcases. It's perfect for beach or deck furniture.



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