Building Cookie Cottages with Jodi Levine

Building Cookie Cottages with Jodi Levine

Source: Martha Stewart Living, December 2006


I have a confession: Although I am a crafter by trade, I have never made a gingerbread house. So when I spotted cute cottages assembled from graham crackers at a charity event, I knew I had found my medium. The cookies are a breeze to work with, and I loved the idea of skipping the baking and getting right to the decorating.

Putting the houses together takes no time, so you can make a few before a holiday party or a playdate, and then let kids adorn them. For features such as green gumdrop hedges or a blue jelly bean path, buy sweets in bulk at a candy shop or online. The cottages here are so much fun to make, you may find yourself building a neighborhood -- I did! Cover the ground with a blanket of snowy shredded coconut for a wondrous display you can enjoy all season.

To build your own cookie cottages, see Cookie Cottages How-To.

Check out the houses below for decorating ideas.
Candy Land
Pastel Village
Peppermint Place
Woodsy Hideaway
Tiny Tudor
Creature Comforts



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