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Superhero Cape Towels




Every child harbors fantasies of becoming a superhero, wielding the powers of a Superman, Batman, or Wonder Woman. And although the capacity to fly, see through walls, and stop rogue meteorites on a collision course with Earth is probably beyond their ability, creating a proper superhero cape is an easy project involving little more than a bath towel, a washcloth, and reflective material.

Tools and Materials
Bath towel
Superhero Cape Template
Reflective fabric
Adhesive agent, such as Steam-a-Seam
Disappearing-ink marking pen
Straight pins
Applique scissors
Button-covering kit

Superhero Cape How-To
1. Download and print the templates, then choose one of the shield shapes and an additional shape, and enlarge the images 400 percent. Cut a piece of reflective fabric into a 12-by-12-inch square. Trace the shield template on the square, then flip the template over and trace again; the templates are in halves, so you'll wind up with a whole symbol. Lay a piece of adhesive agent on the reverse side of the reflective material, cut out the shield, and using a pressing cloth and iron, affix the shield to the towel.

2. Place the lightning bolt or other symbol over the washcloth, and trace the shape using the disappearing-ink pen. Place the washcloth over the shield, and pin in place with straight pins. Sew along the traced line using a straight stitch, and cut away the excess washcloth with applique scissors. Save the scraps to fashion a button. Finish with a zigzag stitch along the lightning bolt.

3. To make a button, cut a circle of fabric that's twice the diameter of the button. Follow the instructions provided with the button-covering kit. Sew the button onto the cape. Measure your child's neck, and sew a scrap of the reflective-fabric shield in the appropriate spot on the cape to form a button loop.

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Reviews (9)

  • Lapensee 26 Jul, 2011

    Going to make this for my son but also add similar detail to an old plain t-shirt to make a costume, will be using Velcro to attach cap to back of shirt, also going to make the towel poncho I saw on here and add super hero logo for bath, pool and beach fun

  • krinderknecht 2 May, 2011

    Another great source for kids' capes is Kinder Capes, available on Etsy at

  • jenna70 26 Apr, 2010

    You can buy personalized <a href="">superhero capes for kids at</a>

    They use a velcro closure for better safety and all of their products are tested for safety. We bought from them recently and our kids very happy with the capes they received.

  • CraftsForFun 25 Feb, 2010

    Reflective materials can be purchased from Metlon Corporation, link below:


  • CraftsForFun 25 Feb, 2010

    Reflective materials can be purchased from Metlon Corporation, link below:


  • MrsSaylin 20 May, 2009

    It would be far safer to use velcro as the closure. Buttons and ties pose a strangulation risk should the cape get caught on something.

  • CherylH72 23 Jul, 2008

    I didn't use reflective fabric, I used a silvery shiny fabric which worked just as well.

  • daduncan12323 19 Jul, 2008

    where do you get reflective fabric sold by the yard

  • CherylH72 18 Jul, 2008

    I just made this cape for my nephew, he LOVED it! I tweaked the directions a little bit, I didn't use reflective material and I added a zigzag stitch around the shield. I also made a button [filtered word] out of some of my left over washcloth material. What an easy and fun craft to make!!!