Winter Wonderlands: Cooperstown, New York

Martha Stewart Living, December 2002

In a sense, what makes Cooperstown's decorations special is the artful restraint of the designs. They are the handiwork of the Clark Foundation, a private charitable institution based in the village, which for 52 years has created and underwritten them. "We tend to stay with a very natural look, lots of pods and nuts and earth tones," says Mike Bouton, director of horticulture for the foundation's greenhouses, where the items are designed. More than a dozen sites are draped in evergreens and hung with wreaths.

The decorations take a month to install and utilize almost a mile of garlands made from a mix of evergreens. Still, a chaste sophistication prevails: Displays use only clear fairy lights. Even though Bouton and his team experiment yearly, certain decorations have become annual standards. "I think I'd be tarred and feathered if I tried to change some things," he says.

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