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Bandanna Clothing Crafts: Beachcomber Apron and Necktie

Make carefree days even sunnier by creating fun-to-wear children's play-clothes out of colorful bandannas. The projects here are easy for anyone with basic sewing skills.




  • 22-inch yellow bandanna
  • 1 1/2 yards white rope trim
  • For necktie: Sewing kit
  • For necktie: Two four-inch-wide strips cut from a bandanna


  1. Step 1

    Fold and position bandanna as shown. Measure 4 inches from tip of top corner; cut off corner for a pocket. Hem raw edges of pocket and neckline.

  2. Step 2

    Topstitch pocket in place. To create casings for apron ties, fold over by 1 inch two edges adjacent to neckline; stitch in place. Use a safety pin to snake rope through casing from corner to corner, leaving extra at neck.

  3. Step 3

    Dress-up doesn't have to mean button-down. Create a casual tie out of two 4-inch-wide strips cut from a bandanna. Sew strips end-to-end to create one long piece; press hems in short ends. Fold this piece lengthwise, wrong side out; stitch along long edge. Turn right side out, press, and you're ready to dress your kid for dinner!

Martha Stewart Kids, Volume 8 2003



Reviews (17)

  • JuliaJanzen 18 May, 2013

    Beginners like myself really need to see step by step instructions. I would of loved to have tried this.

  • dragonfly56 4 May, 2013

    Come on Martha , I love your site, but you need to show pictures of all the projects.

  • Absablab333 8 Aug, 2012

    Go to this page ( if you're looking for a visual aid on how to do the Beachcomber Bandana Apron. :)

  • Minna 16 May, 2012

    I couldn't find the illustrations to go with the instructions...I clicked on everything trying to find them...I can figure it out from the instructions, but would have been nice to see I was doing it right.

  • BMenzJo 18 Nov, 2011

    Something must be wrong with my computer. I'm getting all the cute pictures and the instructions, but when I am old to see illustrations at left, there is nothing there! I have been able to figure out what I want to do, but being able to see the steps would truly help.
    Thank you for the great ideas!

  • MarthaFanPatty 2 Sep, 2011

    Wish the editor would listen,We need better instructions ...not this one but Bigger pics.Martha has gr8 website but they need to listen to us !!!!!:)

  • hwgang 14 Jul, 2011

    As always, bigger pictures, PLEASE!

  • Angeltea9 13 May, 2011

    Love these Pants! Probably make these too.

  • Maeve42 7 Mar, 2011

    Woops, I made it, not O made it! lol

  • Maeve42 7 Mar, 2011

    O made one of the halter dresses for my daughter, and the only complaint I have is that it was awfully bunched up in the back. It just didn't make much sense to use twill tape when elastic would have made it gather much more evenly. Just my thoughts! :)

  • luv2sing 8 Jul, 2010

    It looks like pictures 5 and 6 belong with the halter top instructions.

  • Maeve42 19 Jun, 2010

    *why are they part of this, that is. :)

  • Maeve42 19 Jun, 2010

    I'm confused by pictures 5 and 6. What are they, and what are they part of this?

  • lmus 17 Jul, 2009

    Love these pants! I made these for my 2 year old and 4 year old in 2003 - they just got a [filtered word] in them in 2009!!!! Yes we have been wearing these pants for 6 years.
    They just got shorter, but my girls love them. I made with the regular bandanna and they fit great. So now I am going to remake them with the larger bandanna's for my girls.

  • kristinrae121 24 Oct, 2008

    I'd like to see more about the tie. Maybe some pics?

  • christina-m-b 19 May, 2008

    Great ideas! My only suggestion is: wash those bandannas and press before cutting and sewing - sometimes they get distorted. They do get softer with wear, and more comfortable. Also buy extras for a head wrap (as bandannas do!) that matches the outfit!

  • Kindshadow_27 15 Apr, 2008

    R there more details on this dress?