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Waterfall Fountain Tools and Materials

Created By: Francois Dischinger + Raymond Hom (how tos)


The following tools can be used to make our Waterfall Fountain.

Note: As this water project is more advanced than others, it's a good idea to print this list with photos and take it to your garden specialty store.

Tools and Materials

  • Hacksaw

  • 150-grit sandpaper

  • Utility knife

  • Old, heavy blanket or packing blanket

  • Safety glasses

  • Ear protection

  • Dust mask

  • 2 to 4 bricks or large rocks

  • Power drill (do not use cordless)

  • Tungsten carbide grit-edge arbored hole saw (1 1/4-inch) with pilot bit

  • Work gloves that allow for good finger control

  • Watering can with water


  • Submersible pump (750 gallons per hour; we used the Mag Drive Ultra Pump, No. 98459; (H)

  • 4 cylindrical clay chimney flue liners: one 10 inches in diameter (for fountain), plus one 6 inches in diameter and two 8 inches in diameter (to serve as planters); standard height for all, 24 inches (available at masonry yards)

  • One 10-inch-diameter, 12-inch-tall cylindrical fiberglass planter (we used Terracino brand;

  • Circular saw

  • Diamond blade to fit circular saw

  • Waterproof epoxy or Gorilla Glue

  • Drop cloth

  • 1 gallon masonry waterproofing paint (such as Drylok) in white

  • 1 quart paint colorant (such as Tints-All) in desired color (we used black)

  • Large paint bucket

  • Paint stirrer

  • 4-inch foam paint roller

  • Round galvanized-steel livestock tank (4 feet in diameter, 1 foot deep; we used Ideal brand model R 4 x 1;

  • River stones or other decorative stone to cover bottom of tank

  • Potted plants

The following items can be found in the plumbing-supplies section of large hardware stores. Use schedule 40 pipe and fittings throughout.

  • 2-foot section of 3/4-inch unthreaded PVC pipe (C, I)

  • Six 3/4-inch plastic barbed-end male adapters (A)

  • Six 3/4-inch, 90-degree inner threaded female end PVC elbows (B)

  • Two 3/4-inch, 90-degree unthreaded PVC elbows (D)

  • 3/4-inch PVC cross (E)

  • 3/4-inch solvent weld plastic ball valve (F)

  • 3/4-inch PVC female adapter (G)

  • 1 can (4 ounces) plastic pipe cement primer/cleaner for PVC (clear)

  • 1 can (4 ounces) PVC cement (clear)

  • Three 1-inch-diameter copper pipe pieces (J)

  • 10 feet of 3/4-inch vinyl tubing (K)
Martha Stewart Living, March 2010

Reviews (1)

  • kevin o-kane 2 Sep, 2013

    I recall meeting someone who followed this step-by-step guide of making a waterfall fountain. It was just easy as 1-2-3! He said that you do not need to be an experienced water and gas plumber to do so. I think it is just amazing to be able to do projects like this especially if you think that only an experienced water or gas plumber can do.