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Drink Parasols

Martha Stewart Living, July 2004

Add a burst of patriotic spirit to summer sips with these red, white, and blue umbrellas. Pop one into every beverage you serve for an instant air of festivity. Besides doubling as stirrers, the little paper parasols help identify each guest's glass. Once you've fashioned our patterns into umbrellas, grab yourself a drink, sit back, and get ready to watch the sky.

Parasol How-To
You'll need wooden skewers a couple of inches longer than your drinking glasses are tall. Download and print umbrella designs onto plain white paper. Cut out with scissors, then cut along the dotted line on each. Create a cone by slightly overlapping edges; secure using a glue stick or tape underneath. Poke a skewer through the underside of the cone's point.

Comments (20)

  • springbed 30 Dec, 2013

    Harga springbed comforta

    this article very awesome, ilove that , thx for sharing

  • JohnKChen 1 Sep, 2011

    *Wow, Andvaranaut, great comprehensive response! Whilst I can see the artistic merit and tourism potential, I find difficulty acepting such complexity and expense being necessary for its function. What I’m trying to say is, if it were half that size it would still polish some egos and the other half could be used to build homes for the refugees in Africa. Just a thought. Be and go well,

  • ModChick 3 Jul, 2009

    just made these and used Zots glue dots instead of glue stick or staples. works well and is easy

  • Zaranne 30 Jun, 2009

    I used these last year, and they were such a hit, they're going to a bigger party this year. Tons of fun!

  • kathybeymer 18 Jun, 2009

    I made coordinating waterproof drink coasters that match these umbrellas. You're all welcome to use them for free. Enjoy!

  • lorreta 22 Mar, 2009

    Hi, I recently made 60 for my sons 1st birthday. They look fantastic . Cant wait to use them on the 4th of July. Thanks.

  • northwoodsfroggy 6 Jul, 2008

    The umbrellas and fans were fantastic!! Our family made the umbrellas and taped them to the outside of water bottles and handed to our troops marching in our July 6 parade. We also handed fans to others. We didnt make as many of those but it was fun!!

  • billskim 3 Jul, 2008

    Hi, Martha!
    I am so proud of myself! I makde these drink umbrellas for a party thet I am having on saturday! I can't wait until my family will see them in their drinks!
    Have a wonderful 4th, martha!
    kim from maryland

  • JeniferD 3 Jul, 2008

    Thank you for positive comments to this site. The crafts are wonderful ideas, and are usually simple to create for fun use at home and at friendly gatherings. Let's work together to keep the site pleasant for everyone! Happy 4th!

  • Sandytexas8 3 Jul, 2008

    Happy 4th of July - It is a celebration of our country's freedom. Crafts initiate conversations. Be responsible for your conversations especially with your families and the community that educates them!
    Thank you Martha for the Craft Ideas that can spark those conversations!
    Let's all chill a little with or without an umbrella! Nanna

  • dottikins 3 Jul, 2008

    I think the umbrellas are cute. Whatever happened to the adage "if you can't say somethng nice, say nothing at all!!?" I think it could apply to this website.

  • deegeebee 2 Jul, 2008

    Again....why can't you print my comment as written. It's a's called a COCKTAIL!!!!! What is the problem???

  • deegeebee 2 Jul, 2008

    Some people are sure picky picky picky! To find the word "cocktails " offensive after all these years, I'm 89 and I heard it as a small child, personally I think they just want a reason to complain!! Keep up the good work and it doesn't matter to me if it was printed years ago....maybe some haven't ever seen it before. Get a life!!!!! DeeGeeBee

  • JeniferD 2 Jul, 2008

    I liked this craft - and I feel sure our soldiers would want us to celebrate with the red white and blue.

  • peaceandlight 2 Jul, 2008

    It just occurred to me that I made a reference to c*cktail umbrellas and it was flagged as obscene so that the rest of the message was dumped! Webmaster, please find a better way of protecting us adults from "offensive" language.

  • peaceandlight 2 Jul, 2008

    This is very frustrating that I cannot post my full comment! What is wrong with this message board? I just want to say that I've had my fill of so-called patriotic crafts that do nothing to protect our liberties and maybe our time would be better spent baking cookies for soldiers in the middle east!

  • peaceandlight 2 Jul, 2008

    Note to Martha: Enough already with the patriotic cocktail umbrellas

  • pattyquinn 2 Jul, 2008

    You can also make these using a large toothpick. Then place parasol inside top of large straw. :)

  • Beadeviled 2 Jul, 2008

    works great with wallpaper scraps--it's a little bit heavier and holds the shape well

  • BEARSJUSTB-CLAWS 2 Jul, 2008

    Another great Patriotic idea. I like the fact that the umbrellas can identify guests drinks. Quick and easy project. Thank you.