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Ribbon-Bracket Shelves


  • 1-inch-wide grosgrain ribbon
  • Screw gun
  • 1-by-6-inch painted plywood shelf 
  • Staple gun


  1. Step 1

    Bring the ends of a 1-inch-wide grosgrain ribbon together (ours was 36 inches long); fold ends over twice. Attach folded ends to wall with a screw gun.

  2. Step 2

    Slip a 1-by-6-inch painted plywood shelf into ribbon loop, so ribbon is at least 3 inches in from shelf end. Have someone hold that end, then slide other end into a second ribbon loop; use a level to ensure shelf is straight, then affix second ribbon to wall. Adjust shelf inside ribbons.

  3. Step 3

    Secure ribbons under shelf with a staple gun. Use shelves for lightweight objects.

Martha Stewart Living, November 2005

Reviews (6)

  • lavann 29 Jan, 2011

    Who da thunk?
    What a terrific and simple idea!!


  • cindys66 29 Jan, 2011

    Qweendark - Use molly bolts with your drywall. There are different sizes, but they are very secure and some can hold up to 50 lbs. They screw into the drywall and then expand on the inside of the wall which gives them their strength. You can't remove then once installed though. You would have to tap them in a little and touch up where you tapped it in.

  • Qweendark 29 Jan, 2011

    I wonder if you need to make sure you're screwing the ribbons into a stud in your wall? My house is very stud deficient and the walls are all drywall.

  • lavann 29 Jan, 2011

    Who da thunk?
    What a terrific and simple idea!!


  • PamBivens 29 Jan, 2011

    How simple and how great is this!!!

  • Sheryll 30 Oct, 2010

    Easy and cute and works very well.