Easy Sirloin and Vegetable Kebabs Menu

Martha Stewart Living, September 1998

The Turks were the first to thread small pieces of lamb on skewers and cook them over hot embers. This method works just as well on the backyard grill: Sirloin and mushroom-with-onion kebabs require minimal preparation, and flatbread bakes on the same hot grill. Tomatoes hold salads. Elegant but simple, chocolate truffles are rolled in sugar, cocoa powder, and nuts.

Salad-Stuffed Tomatoes
Grilled Flatbread
Sirloin and Vegetable Kebabs
Easy Chocolate Truffles

Preparation Schedule
1. Prepare truffle mixture, and chill.

2. Make dough for flatbread, and let rise. Mix marinade for sirloin.

3. Shape truffles. Thread meat and vegetable kebabs.

4. Prepare salad, and stuff tomatoes. Roll out flatbread, and grill.

5. Grill all kebabs, and serve. After dinner, coat the truffles.


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