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Yellow Votives

Encased in luminous yellow jars, these charming votives add an inviting glow to any summertime table.




What's more, the technique is easy, requiring little more than paint, votives, and glass containers. To achieve a rich yet frosted appearance (so that the paint looks as if it has been fused to the glass),


Martha uses Pebeo Vitrea 160 series glass paints, which are nontoxic, permanent, and dishwasher- and microwave-safe. As she points out, the candles look especially lovely paired with seasonal arrangements of sunflowers.


  • Glass container, such as a Mason jar
  • Rubbing alcohol (optional)
  • Yellow paint (1 1/2 ounces will cover 4 pint-size jars)
  • Paper towels or cloth
  • Shallow pan
  • Wire, crimp beans, and pliers, for hanging (optional)


  1. Step 1

    Prepare jar for painting by washing and, if necessary, wiping interior with rubbing alcohol to remove any debris or traces of oil. Pour approximately 3 to 4 tablespoons of paint into the jar. Rotate jar slowly to move paint around the interior until entire surface is coated. Tip jar on one of its sides, and hold in that position to pool excess paint in one area. Pour excess paint back into paint jar (if you're making more than one, pour remaining paint into the second jar, making sure it has been cleaned and prepared for painting).

  2. Step 2

    Place the jar, inverted, mouth side down, on a small stack of wet paper towels or a cloth to allow any excess paint to drain. To avoid excess-paint buildup at mouth, replace wet paper towels until paint begins to set and is no longer dripping. Once paint has initially set, turn it back on its base to dry for 24 hours.

  3. Step 3

    Once dry, place jar in shallow pan, in a 325 degree oven, and bake for 40 minutes. Turn oven off, and allow jar to cool in oven, leaving door ajar. After jar has cooled, insert a votive candle.

  4. Step 4

    To hang the jar, cut a piece of wire 3 inches longer than the circumference of the jar. String one crimp bead onto one end of the wire. Holding it in place, thread the wire's other end through the same bead in the opposite direction so that the crimp bead has a wire end extending about 1/2 inch out of each opening. Use pliers to crimp the bead, creating a wire ring that will be placed around the jar's neck. Place the ring over the mouth, and twist loops on opposite sides of ring until it's small enough so that it won't slip off. Bend wire in half, slip one end into one loop, and use pliers to bend the tip of the end upward. Repeat for other side.



Reviews (18)

  • nancyjane44 23 Mar, 2013

    Hey How come you are not using Martha Stewart brand glass paint? I am trying to use Martha Stewart Transparent Gloss Paints and it is not working. Would be nice to have some updated information on what to use !

  • emilooo 11 Aug, 2012

    This isn't working for me. :( The paint is too thick and wouldn't coat all of the inside of the jar. What should I do? Thin out the paint or brush it on with a paintbrush? I guess I must be using the wrong paint. i couldn't find the pebeo stuff and my Michaels so it is another brand of transparent glass paint. Any suggestions?

  • cenjill 5 Jul, 2011

    can i do this in an Oven toaster?how long it will be? im scare,the bottle will not explode due to heat???? what kind of paint enamel or latex?

  • Auntgogi 16 May, 2011

    The paint is available at Michael's. It is called pebeo vitrea 160. I would recommend keeping them turned upside down on damp paper towels for at least 2 hours, changing the towels every half hour or so. That way, you will get a very sheer look. They are amazing and I love how they turned out!

  • SheetalDsouza 2 Jan, 2011


    I really want to try this.. What kind of paint should I buy? where can I get the paint from? What's it called??

    Sorry, so many questions.. I'm a first timer :)


  • TreeMarie 12 Oct, 2010

    I just tried this with a plain glass cylindrical vase and turquoise blue pebeo paint and it turned out amazing! I had this vision of blue glass vases with candles in them for my wedding table centerpieces, but blue glass is difficult to find and very expensive. This is such a great alternative!

  • Since1982 1 Aug, 2010

    Just something to consider: if you paint red on the inside and blue on the outside, you may get purple. . .

  • pattipoopidoo 15 Jun, 2010

    Got my paints all ready to go, I'll post how they come out :)

  • LiveWire_777 14 Jun, 2010

    Praline, I really like your idea--would add just a little more sparkle and interest to the project.

  • praline 18 Jun, 2008

    To add a little more to this great idea you can paint on the outside. Example: if you paint the inside red you can paint blue and white stars on the ouside. It would give a great 2-D affect. Or purple on the inside and some turquois and bright pink flowers on the outside. Great gifts also!!!

  • tricialee5 20 Apr, 2008

    Yes, josien, the paint used is made by Pebeo, and is intended to adhere to glass surfaces. The yellow paint used in this project is translucent. Michael's Craft Store carries Pebeo paints.

  • josien 20 Apr, 2008

    does any one know what sort of paint you use for this?

  • jandouglas 10 Jan, 2008

    Thanks so much. I think I was spelling it incorrectly. I have Michael's stores here.

  • toshbeem 4 Jan, 2008

    They have PEBEO glass paints at Michael's Craft Stores I am not sure if A.C.Moore has them. If you go to you can get to a store locator. The Michael's web site has them listed as well. I have bought the paints for ceramics, but not for glass yet. Good Luck!!!

  • toshbeem 4 Jan, 2008

    They have PEBEO glass paints at Michael's Craft Stores I am not sure if A.C.Moore has them. If you go to you can get to a store locator. The Michael's web site has them listed as well. I have bought the paints for ceramics, but not for glass yet. Good Luck!!!

  • jandouglas 23 Dec, 2007

    Anyone know where you can get these paints? I can't find them any where. Is Pedeco the brand or paint "type"?

  • jandouglas 12 Dec, 2007

    I loved these and will try them with a Christmas theme. I thought they would be pretty hanging from a porch bannister between the spindles. Also, if you were going to line steps with them, they could be weighted for more stability by putting sand in them and then sitting the votive on the sand.

  • sindepeye 26 Nov, 2007

    From the wire ring around the neck of the jar you could dangle charms and or beads of different lengths. :)