Hydrangea Arranging Tips

The Martha Stewart Show, October 2008

When making any arrangement with hydrangeas, use a container that is deep enough to support the weight of the heavy blooms. Designer Oscar Mora likes a modern-shape vase made from kiri wood, which already comes with a zinc liner, and is available at Jamali Garden

First, create a grid of 1-inch squares with floral tape at the opening of the liner, place inside the wood vase, and then fill with water. Start with the hydrangeas first to create volume, and then add roses, carnations, and amaranths of complementary colors for depth. Replace the water every couple of days, and be sure to add floral food to make your arrangement last longer.

For more information on the vase featured on this segment, visit jamaligarden.com. For more flower arrangement ideas, please check out our beautiful photo gallery, Television's Flower Arrangements.


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