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Mashed Potatoes

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A warm, buttery serving of creamy mashed potatoes is an ideal cool-weather comfort food. The best and easiest way to prepare potatoes for mashing is to peel them, cut them into large slices, and gently simmer them in lightly salted water. 

For mashing, use a ricer, a food mill, or a hand masher, but never use a food processor; the sharp blades break down a potato's starch granules, making it gluey. The best potatoes for mashing are starchy varieties such as russet and Idaho. Experiment by mixing in different seasonings, such as grated nutmeg, saffron, herbs, or garlic. 

For stiffer mashed potatoes, use only 1 cup milk or cream; for richer potatoes, add another 4 tablespoons butter.

Make this recipe for Mashed Potatoes.

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