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Giraffe Paper Wall Portrait

Create a charming paper animal portrait for a child's room.




  • Colored cardstock scrapbooking paper for the background
  • Giraffe template
  • Soft pencil
  • Tracing paper
  • Scrapbooking paper, in giraffe or monkey colors
  • Craft knife
  • Nontoxic, acid-free liquid glue or glue pen
  • 1/4-inch hole punch
  • 1/16-inch hole punch
  • Xyron machine with permanent adhesive cartridge or heavy-duty spray adhesive
  • Pre-stretched 12-by-12-inch canvas
  • Double-sided acid-free tape


  1. Step 1

    Cut a 10-by-10-inch piece of colored scrapbooking paper for the background.

  2. Step 2

    Print the giraffe template. With a soft pencil on tracing paper, trace the outline of each shape.

  3. Step 3

    Transfer the traced outline to different colored papers by putting the tracing face down on the back of the paper. Retrace the original tracing; this will transfer the pencil lead from the tracing paper, and you will have the reverse of the shape on the back of the colored paper.

  4. Step 4

    Cut out all of the pieces from the colored paper.

  5. Step 5

    Adhere the spots on the giraffe's body and face with a nontoxic, acid-free liquid glue or glue pen. Trim off any excess. Glue the ears to the giraffe's head.

  6. Step 6

    Glue the body of the giraffe to the background with Xyron permanent adhesive.

  7. Step 7

    Punch out two black eyes with a 1/4-inch hole punch. Punch out two white dots with a 1/16-inch hole punch.

  8. Step 8

    Using the tip of the craft knife, carefully glue the white dots on the black dots to create the giraffe's eyes. When they've dried, glue the eyes onto the face.

  9. Step 9

     Using a Xyron permanent adhesive or spray adhesive, adhere the giraffe's body and head to the background. Do the same to adhere the background to the center of a pre-stretched 12-by-12-inch canvas. 

The Martha Stewart Show, November 2008



Reviews (3)

  • marinajayhawk 17 Nov, 2008

    so adorable! love all of the stuff on her etsy store as well...

  • marinajayhawk 17 Nov, 2008

    so adorable! i found her etsy site as well...since i don't have time to make my own right now

  • allison1965 17 Nov, 2008

    Her website is