15 Years of Cleaning Tips

Martha Stewart Living, April 2006

Cleaning plays a special role in making a house look -- and feel -- like a home. Sinking feet into freshly vacuumed carpet or opening the door to a sparkling refrigerator surely counts among life's small and comforting pleasures. Over the past 15 years, we've shared many solutions for tackling household tasks, and to our delight, you've written to tell us how they have made quick (and even satisfying) work of washing windows, waxing furniture, removing stains, and more. Here, just in time for spring cleaning, are some of our most popular tips -- ones that shine, and make a house shine, too.

Polishing Copper
Waxing Furniture
Preventing Mildew
Cleaning Stainless Steel
Removing a Red Wine Stain
Washing Windows
Removing Wax
Choosing Dusters
Caring for Marble
Cleaning Wooden Floors
Creating a Cleaning Bucket
Cleaning a Refrigerator
Clearing Clutter
Laundering Down
Using Vacuum Tools



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