Mini Pumpkin Creatures

A witch's curse didn't shrink these pumpkins; they come in size small. Their petite portions are sure to appeal to little kids, who can find everything they need to decorate them around the house.

Mini Pumpkin Creatures

Source: Martha Stewart Kids, Fall 2005


With Mom or Dad's help, use regular-size pumpkin-carving tools to cut eyes and other features, or create expressions with paper or twine. While larger jack-o'-lanterns keep watch on the porch, these mini pumpkin creatures can be perched anywhere -- on top of a dresser, tucked in a bookshelf, or along a windowsill. Use a second mini pumpkin or paper cup for a body to give them greater stature, and they just might scare visitors out of their rinds.

A carved scare-cob stands guard with a yellow plastic pitchfork in hand.


  1. For outfit and arms, cut 11 pieces of construction paper in a corn-ear shape Download our template for the corn-ear.

  2. Use two for arms: Twist ends; wrap with waxed twine for hands.

  3. Use dried Indian corn, available at crafts stores, for body; cut off ends so it stands upright. Pin outfit and then arms to top with straight pins. Cut hole slightly smaller than top of corn in bottom of pumpkin; fit corn in hole. Tape fork in place.


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