Rose Napkins

Source: Martha Stewart Living Television


You can use any colors you like, but green and pink or red will enhance the resemblance to a rose in bloom.



  • 2 square napkins

  • 1 tumbler


  1. To create the leaves, fold a square napkin in half diagonally to form a triangle.

  2. Fold the triangle in half again along the long edge, and once more along the smaller triangle's longer edge.

  3. Create the flower portion by folding another napkin in half diagonally, as in step 1. Place it on a work surface with the point facing down and the long edge at the top. Take the point (the corner opposite the long edge), and fold it up so its tip slightly extends beyond the long edge.

  4. Fold the shorter, bottom edge up to a point just short of the long edge. Begin rolling the napkin up tightly from either the right or left side, guiding the cloth as you go to keep it even.

  5. Place the rolled-up flower portion in the fold of the leaf portion, roll the leaf portion loosely around it, and arrange the napkins in the tumbler.


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