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Pinecone Mouse




  • Scissors
  • 2 large pinecone scales (for ears)
  • White and brown acrylic paint
  • Small paintbrushes
  • 1 short piece of twine (for tail)
  • 1 egg-shape pinecone (for body; other shapes will work, too)
  • Craft glue
  • 1 acorn (cap removed, for head)


  1. Step 1

    Cut large scales into rounded ear shapes. Paint inner ears white. Let dry.

  2. Step 2

    Paint twine brown for tail; while it's still wet, twist twine around finger to curl. Let dry.

  3. Step 3

    Brush top of pinecone body with glue; attach acorn head. Brush wide end of body with glue; attach tail. Let dry.

  4. Step 4

    Brush acorn head with glue; attach ears. Let dry.

  5. Step 5

    Paint on brown eyes and nose.



Reviews (19)

  • sadvorak 20 Dec, 2008

    We are using polymer clay...the type you bake. And it's working well.

  • scrapyj 7 Dec, 2008

    I loved the mouse, it makes a great teacher gift for children to make, I have made six...thank you.
    Joy ... BDA

  • foxmom1971 4 Dec, 2008

    You could use a wooden bead too, that would work good.

  • ShelbyLindsay 4 Dec, 2008

    Wow! Thanks for the great suggestions for a non-nut head.

  • shalau 4 Dec, 2008

    little styrofoam balls might not be as top heavy as rocks; they have different sizes and there really easy to decorate you could probably push the ears and that into the ball, reinforce it with a dab of glue and it make it more can get them at most dollar stores too

  • dawngloss 4 Dec, 2008

    A cute small rock that you paint or draw on with a permanent marker would make a good head too!

  • Anna_Marie 4 Dec, 2008

    to shalau: Thanks so much for taking the time to give us another option for enlarging the small photos! I will try that.

  • PinkTrees 4 Dec, 2008

    shelbylindsay: they make wood versions of acorns...sold at most hobby shops, etc. or maybe you can use a small wood ball

  • ShelbyLindsay 4 Dec, 2008

    My son is allergic to all nuts so I am looking for suggestions for a different head.

  • shalau 4 Dec, 2008

    It doesn't help VERY muchcause it blurs the bigger you get, but if you right click the pic and copy the image to your desktop (easy to find and delete when done) you can zoom in on it in the 'Windows and Fax Viewer" (or where ever you view your photos) I see this complaint alot so I hope this helps!

  • jodyjo 4 Dec, 2008

    Can you tell me which Martha Stewart Living magazine these were in? I apparently missed it.


  • sadvorak 4 Dec, 2008

    I get the Martha Stewart Living magazine where this mouse (and other pinecone animals/birds) is featured. I recommend looking at the pictures in that magazine to get a better idea. It really helped for me!

  • Crecia27 4 Dec, 2008

    I think he is cute, but I can't see him close enough to know for sure.

  • giftofgod4 4 Dec, 2008

    I totally agree... larger pics would be very helpful!

  • billiescissorhands 4 Dec, 2008

    Cute project-but I have to say I have to agree. The ability to enlarge this project would have all the difference in the world.

  • Veronica68 4 Dec, 2008

    Larger pics would really help with this project! And all the projects!

  • momvarden 4 Dec, 2008

    I agree, or at least the option of clicking on them to enlarge them.

  • Veronica68 4 Dec, 2008

    larger pics would be very helpful! It would be nice to see the project!

  • iamktann 4 Dec, 2008

    Larger pictures of the various steps and especially of the finished project would be extremely helpful. This applies to all of the projects I have seen.