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School of Fish Rice-Paper Prints




Set up a summer studio with a few crafts-store supplies -- rubber fish forms, delicate rice paper, and drawing inks, in brown, indigo, and silver. Hang the prints to dry, and then frame them as memories of the season.

Tips: Test on newsprint. Make a few prints from one inking, or re-ink each time for more consistent results. Wash forms with warm water and dishwashing liquid after printing.


  • Rice paper
  • Sponge brush
  • Rubber fish form
  • Drawing inks


  1. Step 1

    Cover your work surface.

  2. Step 2

    Brush drawing ink onto a rubber fish form using a sponge brush. Coat thoroughly but not excessively.

  3. Step 3

    Lay rice paper on form, and press with fingers. Remove paper. Let dry.

Martha Stewart Living, June 2009



Reviews (7)

  • C Hollar 30 May, 2013

    I do this with real fish. I freeze them first before painting so their insides don't come out when you press down. I also use acrylic paint or fabric paint to put on t shirts. very fun !!!

  • Ludona 25 Apr, 2013

    At a downtown arts faire one summer one of the kid booths was fish prints with real fish. They had several types and sizes and the kids were allowed to do several prints. It really wasn't hard. Of course they gave the kids lots of leeway but even with their imperfect little skills they came out great.
    We had them on our kitchen wall for several years and loved them.

  • JackieSRamirez 25 Apr, 2013

    I bet I could use real fish. I would was the fish in soap and water then dry it well and then go from there. Working quickly, I could re-wash the fish and have it for dinner in a favorite recipe.

  • ANSanborn 17 Jun, 2009

    Hey Lisabeth75,

    Depending on how much you want to spend on your rubber form, check out, they have an amazing selection of rubber fish, but it's hard to choose just one, and I imagine it takes quite a bit of practice to really get the print just right...

  • Lisabeth75 5 Jun, 2009

    where can you buy fish forms?

  • MSLO_tiffany 27 May, 2009

    Hi poikku, New York Central Art Supply has a great selection: You may also want to try calling around to local artists' supply stores (more fine arts than crafts) to check out the paper in person.

  • poikku 26 May, 2009

    Where does one find colored rice paper?