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Party Theme: Season

Martha Stewart Kids, Volume 17 2005

Make the season when the birthday child was born the theme for a party, and mimic nature's decorations -- snowflakes for a party in winter, perhaps; flowers for summer. Bugs crept into our spring party.

The invitations, clear tubes with slips of paper and plastic insects inside, resemble a bug scientist's project. Hot-glue plastic ladybugs to party hats. For a centerpiece, more plastic critters crawl over fake moss and inside jars (with holes punched in tops, naturally). Hang leafy garlands cut from tissue paper. Earthy-looking parfaits stand in for a traditional cake; they're made from chocolate cake, whipped cream, crushed cookies, candy rocks, and mint sprigs. As favors, guests get to take home collector's boxes with rubber insects and bug-shape pens.

Spring Favors
Lined specimen boxes are available at hobby stores. To cover box: Remove glass; set aside. Lay a piece of wrapping paper (a few inches bigger than box on all sides) right side down; coat top of box lid with rubber cement; place face down on paper. Cut away center of paper by running a utility knife along opening. Wrap paper over sides of lid, affixing with rubber cement; cut away extra. Replace glass. Affix labels with names. Fill boxes with rubber insects and pens.

Print invitations and cut into strips; roll inward, so they can't be read through the clear mailing tube. Place a plastic bug and fern inside. Affix address label and postage to outside.

Leaf Garland
Print template. Cut a strip of tissue paper as wide as template is tall. Accordion-fold tissue, making layers same width as template. Lay template on top (dotted lines on folds); cut out leaf along solid lines. For longer garland, tape two together.

Comments (3)

  • Steffy Watson 27 Aug, 2012

    Hello Martha, I adore you as well as your ideas. You always suggest out-of-the-box ideas. A season theme party is an awesome idea to host a birthday. The standard princess and pirates are too common these days.

  • BFoxy 31 Dec, 2011

    A winter party would be soo fun! and so easy. Go with white and blue decorations. Paper snowflakes are sooo easy, i'm sure you will quickly find a how-to online. Hang them from the windows and cieling! Also, try serving hot cocoa and something with powdered sugar for snow? just think what animals are wintry and activities you do in the winter

  • laurenfazz 16 Oct, 2010

    My daughter was born in the winter. What would be a good party for her? Also, most of your parties are for younger children. Could you include parties for tweens ages 11-14?