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Dip-Dyed T-Shirt

More chic than a tie-dye but just as fun to make, this stylish shirt may become the one you reach for every Saturday morning.

Created By: Raymond Hom




We used Rit liquid dyes in Denim and Navy ( You can combine colors for custom shades. This technique can be adapted for unfinished wooden items and bamboo blinds (let them dry on paper towels), and paper (let the dye solution cool before dipping paper).

It's best to dye the sleeves and bottom separately: Roll up the part you're not dyeing into a plastic bag to protect it, and secure with a rubber band. Dye, rinse, and let dry between the two dips. For items you plan to launder, set the colors by washing the finished objects in synthrapol detergent ( This concentrated, pH-balanced detergent will keep the dye from bleeding onto undyed parts of the fabric.


  • Sheer jersey long-sleeve T-shirt, in White, from
  • Large plastic storage bin or galvanized-steel bin
  • Stir stick
  • All-purpose liquid dye
  • Sample fabric or paper towel
  • Sewing pins
  • Synthrapol detergent (optional)


  1. Step 1

    Wash and dry fabric to remove any finishes that resist dye. Fill plastic bin with hot water to a depth of at least 6 inches. Stir in dye, starting with a small amount and adding more as desired. Dip a sample strip of fabric or paper towel to test the color. If too dark, add water; if too light, add dye. Let solution settle, so there are no bubbles at the surface.

  2. Step 2


    Determine where you want the top of the dyed band to be; use pins to mark that line on fabric. Holding your fabric as straight as possible, dip into dye solution to just below the pin line (make sure you don't dip the pins; the fabric will wick the dye higher). Keep fabric in dye until it turns the desired color (it will dry slightly lighter).

  3. Step 3

    Rinse fabric in cold water to remove excess dye until the water runs clear. Hang to dry. If desired, wash item with synthrapol detergent.

Martha Stewart Living, August 2010



Reviews (5)

  • Cloudy Skye 28 Aug, 2012

    Lovely idea, but do you know if this would work on a knit sweater? Or would the wool mess up the dye?

  • briar-angel 22 Aug, 2012

    American Apparel is notorious as a company for risque and near-pornographic advertising. They also have stated in their business model that their target consumer demographic consists of WOMEN aged 20 and older. Don't blame this wonderful crafter for a money-driven company's marketing faux-paus.

  • fluxiest 5 Aug, 2012

    Breasts have nipples, no shocker there! Love the dip die T.

  • cynatmartha 30 Jul, 2012

    Agree with grammab7. It's porn...not so pure and simple.

  • grammab7 30 Jul, 2012

    I love the idea of the dip dyed t-shirt, what I don't like is clicking on the link to find a suggested place to purchase the t-shirt only to find young girls posing in ways that make me feel I am looking at a slightly suggestive inappropriate link. It appears to be advertising the girls with (sorry to say this) nipples showing and even what appears to look like a wet t-shirt contest. If this is the new way to advertise young girls clothing we are in alot of trouble.