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Homemade Easter Grass

Making homemade Easter grass is a great way to use leftover scraps of pretty wrapping paper.




  • Paper shredder
  • Container to gather the shredded paper
  • Scraps of pretty wrapping paper or colored paper


  1. Step 1

    Put the scraps through an ordinary paper shredder to create attractive packing paper that can be used in gift boxes, for delicate items, or as the grass in your Easter baskets.

The Martha Stewart Show, January 2008



Reviews (15)

  • melebev 25 Mar, 2008

    I have been doing this for years! I also use a paper crimper first then send it through the turns out just like the paper you can buy in the craft stores in bags.

  • eternity 23 Mar, 2008

    "WAY" better than the "usual" green Easter grass!!!! "You're still finding "it" (everywhere-on-the-floor), come Christmas!!

  • aLLyson1 22 Mar, 2008

    The best thing about this easter grass alternative is no more plastic store-bought easter grass strands scattered through the house (and stuck to the bottoms of your feet). I've been using strips of green tissue paper for my daughter's easter basket ever since she was born. I love this idea of using wrapping paper and a shredder. Much faster!

  • anniet15 22 Mar, 2008

    This is a fabulous idea! I assemble gift baskets through the year and I use purchased paper from the craft store. Now I will shred leftover wrapping paper to line the bottom of baskets. This will also be useful with leftover Christmas wrapping paper. Thanks, Martha!

  • uminisa 22 Mar, 2008

    What a wonderful idea, surely we will have some fun this weekend...

  • PreciousIittleOnes 21 Mar, 2008

    cool I need to add this idea thanks Martha looking forward to see more crafts ideas in your future shows :)

  • retreatlady 21 Mar, 2008

    Great Idea for the old shedders now that we have a cross cut one for personal shredding.

  • jblighthouse 21 Mar, 2008

    This is such a fun idea - so creative, beautiful and earth-friendly!

  • maryanderson 21 Mar, 2008

    Love this idea. The easter grass at the store now is plastic. Ugly!

  • kabbie46 21 Mar, 2008

    My paper shredder cross cuts the paper so it comes out like confetti - but I was able to use my paper CUTTER - cutting very thin strips and it worked out fine - just took a little longer.

  • Anna_Marie 21 Mar, 2008

    I still had a hard time finding the directions for the bluebirds. You can also use the Search window at the top of this page and type in Egg Creatures. The other animals and insects are just as cute!

  • woodsusa 21 Mar, 2008

    The birds are shown under Crafts/Easter/Eggs and, I think, the 10th one shown is for the bluebirds. They also have a ladybug and other animals.

  • scootluv 21 Mar, 2008

    here's the link to the bluebirds craft

  • mpegm 21 Mar, 2008

    I would like to have the pattern for the adorable little bluebirds in the pail in the photo! Can anyone direct me? Please and thank-you.

  • Anna_Marie 21 Mar, 2008

    I use this idea all the time for gift bag filler or my kids' Easter baskets, except I use recycled colored tissue paper from birthdays and shower gifts. If you use tissue paper, you may need to undergird it with some crumpled up newspaper for bulk and stability. So much nicer than the plastic kind that wraps around your vacuum roller!