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Specimen Jars

Halloween 2004

Fill a few glass vessels more than halfway with colored water (mix 3 drops green or 1/2 drop red food coloring in water; add a few tablespoons milk for murkiness).

Peel off outer layers of a cabbage head for a brain specimen; use a fennel bulb with the fronds cut off for a heart. If a specimen is too large for the jar's opening, cut it in half and stick it back together with skewers once it's inside. With a glue stick, attach a printed or written label on the container.

Comments (17)

  • 11 Nov, 2008

    My kids and I love it and do it every year! :o) It's so surprising to mehow everyone wants to limit everything these days when we are supposed to be more diverse. Laughter is the best medicine and the imagination is a horrible thing to waste!!

  • 5 Nov, 2008

    Obviously, mle77 was interested enough in the project to have viewed it. Lighten up. Its Halloween and time for a whole range of fun. On Halloween you can be whatever you want to be and decorate in your own fashion. Easter is also a religious holiday but we still have the Easter Bunny for the children!

  • 3 Nov, 2008

    Are we forgeting that Halloween was orginally celebrated to remember the passing of loved ones as well as the harvest? Those so concerned over reactions to vegetables in water should concentrate their efforts to the news stations who constantly exploit tragedies, everyday. Not focus their outrage on a one day, obviously not real, holiday decoration.

    Signed- just lost 2 people (one was an organ donor!!) and not offended in the least.

  • 2 Nov, 2008

    It doesn't imply murder at all. The specimen labels pretty clearly indicate the decorations are meant to be from a lab.

  • 2 Nov, 2008

    I can't believe people are reacting grossly to this. I mean are we that shallow to even think that way. I don't see people complaining when they have turkey-themed place settings while serving roasted turkey. Lighten up! Its just halloween!

  • 2 Nov, 2008

    its a really excellent idea....have used it b4...i agree with LunaHaze...if you are disturbed by this, then why look? This is hardly a harsh prop! Would i use this for a child's halloween party? I dont think so...but for adults??? U BETCHA!!! The creepier the better i say!

  • 1 Nov, 2008

    I was really considering doing something like this, but the Halloween party got moved to a different place. Good to know that using veggies doesn't last very long. I think for my display I will use plastic oddities so it will last longer. Now I wonder how this would look with some glowsticks or the sort added in... hmmmm
    As to those that are disturbed by this prop: why are you looking at this in the first place? Halloween is all about scary stuff, and honestly this prop is very mild. Lighten up

  • 31 Oct, 2008

    riverrock... if someone has recently encountered a tradgedy that would be made worse by typical halloween scenes will prob'ly skip the holiday all together. can you imagine losing someone and then going trick-or-treating when you know the neighborhood will be littered with reminders of death? tootsie rolls really aren't worth the aggravation.

    As for the craft, it's a very good idea. I might do it but I think I'll use store bought body parts and then I can use them every year... very cool.

  • 31 Oct, 2008

    riverrock, It is Halloween! In regard to the front lawns... it's all in fun! Spooky is the word here. I recentlly lost family members, I in know way connect the two. Please lighten up and have some fun!

  • 31 Oct, 2008

    To each his own. I like Holloween, but a brain, an eyeball or other body part in a bottle--not my idea of cool, though I realize it is a delight to others. Same for instant, front yard cemetaries with their particular attention to every horrific detail.; To those who just lost a spouse or child, or to the child who just lost a parent, scary looking body parts at the neigborhood party, decompolsing or otherwise, and front yard graves--well. it just about does them in. To each his own.

  • 30 Oct, 2008

    could you add a drop of bleach or some-such to keep it fresher a bit longer? Looks like a fun "mad scientist" prop, for sure, but definitely a short-term decoration.

  • 30 Oct, 2008

    This is cool but it seems like it would get gross and moldy real quick.

  • 30 Oct, 2008

    These "decorations" are just too gross, creepy, yucky, you name it. I also dread the October issue of MSL Magazine for the same reasons.

  • 30 Oct, 2008

    We just had a Halloween party at work yesterday and it was a hit - I used a head of cauliflower for the brain in a nice glass urn and used green and yellow food coloring (for a slight florescent effect) and it was awesome. Also we used the rats along a white hallway all moving towards the door of the party room. We played an easy and really fun game of continue the haunted story around the room - it turned out so good we're sorry we didn't record it.
    Happy Halloween everyone!

  • 30 Oct, 2008

    To Mrs. B88 - wouldn't that just add to the creepiness of the centerpiece ? ; )

  • 14 Oct, 2008

    Pair these with eye ball rubber balls, and other equally disturbing things, suspended in gelatin in tall column vases. A mad scientists lab as your centerpiece!

  • 8 Oct, 2008

    I made these last year for Halloween... but after a few days I had to get rid of them because the vegetables started to stink to high heaven!