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Twine-Star Supports

Martha Stewart Living, March 2004

A terra-cotta pot paired with these supports is ideal for determinate tomatoes, which don't grow as tall as indeterminate varieties. Drive five 1-by-1-inch stakes into soil, to bottom of pot; stakes should be long enough to stand 4 feet above the soil. Plant a seedling in center of the pot. Wind nylon twine star shapes around stakes at 6-inch intervals.

Comments (6)

  • mz_dori 11 Sep, 2011

    Ilive in apt, on the third floor, facing west, i do need a container grown tomatoe, i really do not like cherry type tomaoes, what else could i grow??

  • mz_dori 11 Sep, 2011

    are determinet tomatoes a cherry tomatoe?

  • nblack 21 Aug, 2011

    Sorry, I meant determinate! They stay shorter and don't turn into vines.

  • nblack 21 Aug, 2011

    The seed packet tells you if it's indeterminate, i.e., the type that stays smaller. Also, look for varieties in seed catalogs made for growing in pots.

  • MaryLC 21 Aug, 2011

    Where do you get the kind of tomatoe plants that don't grow tall?Which book tells more on this?

  • JMarsden 16 May, 2009

    A very cute addition to the garden, I have some in the lettuce patches.